2nd Build: Spartan III


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This is going to be my second ever build, I made my own suit, and now I'm helping with a second suit so my girlfriend can have a suit with me at the next con we go to. Since Denver Pop Culture Con is cancelled until 2021 I figure I've got a year to make it so might as well start working on it to get it done as soon as possible and as nice as I can make it!

This build will be
Hazop CNM-I Variant Helmet
Tactical/Patrol (Jun's variant)
Sniper left shoulder
Recon right shoulder
UA Bracer wrist
and Tactical soft pouch for thigh.

I will also probably build a DMR for this suit as well mostly because I want to build a DMR for myself anyways.

Will be posting more soon!


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Here's a short update on the progress of this armor.

It's gonna be HOT pink babbbyyy
It was also specified to me that this should be a pretty beat up old and worn set of armor, so that's what it's gonna be!

I printed and quickly painted the forearms this week, adding a homemade rust effect to them as well to really add to that old damaged aesthetic

My roommate a few years back had gotten a pin from his halo loot crate and gave it to me, so I cast it and made a few copies to slap onto my armor, put some damage and rust effects on them too and damn do they look good!

The helmet is WAY too large for her, but someone wanted to buy it finished in my local area, so I'm working on it as well. The correct sized helmet is still printing, but is 90% done printing, so I'll probably have some updates again here soon.

AfterI the helmet is finished I'll start working on the shoulders and then legs!


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Well, I didn't want to create a whole new posting, and since this project took on a different life as my UNCS Marine Handler project, I figured I'd just course correct this one and continue this since it will truly be my 2nd spartan build, and still be for myself.

Looking to start a 2nd Noble 6 build and aiming to make this one a tier 3 build

I will be 3D printing most/ if not ALL parts of this build to get the most accurate look for this spartan that I can. I was happy with my foam skills, and if need be I can still incorporate some of the foam-smithing into it as I go.

For the soft parts I will most likely be using 1/2" upholstery foam and replicating WandererTJ's guide to creating the undersuit parts in that way.

As for details to the undersuit I will be utilizing some other methods and techniques using my sewing machine to create a realistic joint (back of knees, elbows, and butt patterns)

And as for the neck seal I will be looking at making mine out of either a silicon or possibly a pleather fabric I will need to pick up down the road.

Test image.JPG

Currently I am working with this as my base, I am wanting to create a robotic arm and I have reviewed Moe's model for it. I'm pretty happy with the way it looks, and I think with a few modifications by hand I can help to give it just a little more realism. I am currently debating on what shoulder to apply to the robotic arm, I do always like gungnir and Security as choices, but theres plenty of time to figure out exactly what I'd like to do.

Game image for reference.JPG


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I have given it lots of thought the past several weeks and since last posting on this thread. I do feel there's a lack of pink representation in armor, and while I was happy with the forearms I painted a while back and the grunge I had built up with them, I still wasn't thrilled with an entire suit being made in that color.

This image above is my goal now. I feel I've changed my mind on a few things, mostly to make life a little easier on me, and also because I liked the way this armor looks and feels. More flexibility, better color contrast, and still looking badass if I do say so myself.

Gungnir is being set aside for now, though I do already have a helmet printed and I may still finish it just to have a secondary helmet associated with this set. ((I mostly wasn't happy with the helmet coloration that was coming through with the teal and rose color pattern. so that's why I've course corrected this way.))

As of this moment:
Pilot helmet : Sliced, ready for printing, trying to decide how to get the visor made ((lost access to the vacuum former unfortunately, may make myself a new one)
Chest: Back has been printed, Back printed.jpg still working on printing the front (( Using files from CG trader Reach Spartan Base Armor Set Wearable 3D printable model))

Thighs: Printed, using upholstery foam for the inner rubber sections, will update post processing on them

Arms: Sized, sliced, waiting to print

Shins/boots: Sized, Will be printing these next, after the chest is completed

LOTS to do still. but I have plenty of time. My goal right now is to have everything printed and ready for sanding by December. I'd like to then be ready for painting and lighting by January. Ultimately though, this is going to be my attempt at a tier 3 suit. I plan on making this in the best way that I can.

This is for fun, to challenge myself, and to give me a goal to look forward to after a year of.....not fun. With that being said, I aim to be harsh on myself just to push myself. The next update will come once I've made some good progress and feel happy with sharing. Thanks, and good building!


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The first shin print has finished, and looks great, I'm very pleased with it! It's a little bigger than I thought it would be, but it came out nice and chonky and I love it. I'm working on getting the first boot cover printed out as well, and I'm looking forward to making some wedges in it!

As I stand now, I am 5' 11" out of shoes, in my usual shoes I'm just at 6' My goal is to achieve a 6' 5" spartan height in armor, so I'll be adding a 2.5" wedge in my shoes to give me a boost, and will help a little in padding and what not.

I do not want to lose accuracy in doing this so if anything I'll just stay around 6' to stay more appropriately scaled.

I've also done a little research and worked on some background for this spartan to give him a extra credibility. I will probably try to refine it a bit more and release it eventually in a more finale update.

Thanks, and see you next time.


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Alright, mini update!

I have printed the boots at 90% original scaling because the previous boots felt like clown shoes on me and I wasn't happy with it. I still plan on putting 2" wedges into the boots and have made plans to make a little wooden block for the shoes I bought from Arc.
Dry run.jpg better leg.jpg

I also have made a little foam piece for the boots because I don't want the 3d printed pieces to sound like horse shoes clopping about when I walk around in them, I've carved in the lines on the bottom of them too and will test them later on to see if I need to separate them or if I can get away with a single piece of foam (just a shoe flexibility test basically)

And I have started printing off the chest piece add-ons. I've gotten the collar printed and I will print the shell holder and shells soon! I plan on printing a shotgun to go along with this build, or at least foamsmithing one (probably foam since it's more con friendly than printed and because I want to try my hand at a weapon in foam)

and finally, I was able to test colors on some plastic spoons to see how they look. I think after some weathering they will really pop nicely!
paint test.jpg

I will be starting to print the waist next (cod and butt piece along with side pieces)

Next up will be biceps, forearms, and shoulder armors!

Will update again on the next big update.


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Alright, Still in a pretty similar position as before, but we are still making headway.

The suit is MOSTLY there, minus helmet, waist, and forearms.


I'm pretty happy so far, everything is looking great! (just gotta shed some quarantine weight, but I'm sure I'm not the only one lol)

The boots are looking great, I'm still playing with the idea of just using some EVA pieces or if I want to go ahead and get that horse stable matting ZachTurner009 mentioned previously, I think it would be more durable for sure, but may weigh the shoe a bit more than I'd like? Still considering it though!

IMG_1265.JPG IMG_1266.JPG

Most recently I've started toying with some Ideas for undersuit components. I don't really want to make an entire undersuit for this build, and if I have to I'd like to make it all breathable fabric and have the poly/nylon blend I bought be for the joints and waist only, so I don't overheat. I've started playing with the knees since I figured these would require the hardest work (which I'm sure I'll find I'm wrong about at some point, but thats ok)


I had always thought the back of knees were pleats, but after seeing some of RandomRangers reference threads I was surprised to see Baffling instead (I think that's what it's called) So I made some tests, and I definitely preferred the baffling over the pleat anyways, so that's what I'll be using. I had plenty of leftover material from college courses, and so I'm using it to create my templates, then transfer the refined templates to my final fabric.


and heres a fun lil skull for the helmet, which I am working on, I promise. I unfortunately had a printer failure which dropped me down a printer for now until I get replacement parts for it. Hoping it won't take long, but I won't let that stop me!


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Helmet is completed, this model was made and sold by NerdForgeDesigns on etsy, just like the armor which I was able to source from CG Trader, although the Etsy files have more to them for the armor.

Will be starting the waist today, then the forearms, the cod piece and butt plate will be the last parts of this build to make (along with hand plates)

Biiig update will be coming after the upcoming weekend, hoping to use my dads garage space since it's heated, during the winter I lose my workspace/patio since it's usually too cold, or covered in snow.


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Big update.

So to start, I'll just follow chronologically what I've done.

First I was able to sew together the leg wraps that will cover my knees and give the back on my knees the proper look to the undersuit. I plan on wearing a body suit beneath everything and these will be sewn into place on said suit.

IMG_1373.JPG IMG_1341.JPG IMG_1374.JPG IMG_1388.JPG IMG_1336.JPG IMG_1337.JPG

After getting the both of these 'leggings' finished I began to sand and prime all the parts, this is still an in progress step, but at least everything is primed and the same neutral grey color! Pictures unfortunately don't show the current state of color.

IMG_1392.JPG IMG_1394.JPG

While I was waiting on all the parts to dry, I decided it would be best for me to paint the helmet, giving me a template for wear and weathering for the rest of the suit. Plus it was a way to test one of the primary colors and see if I really liked it in person as much as I have in the game.

IMG_1422.JPG IMG_1417.JPG IMG_1423.JPG IMG_1424.JPG 63095531127__6218FDC7-33D2-4002-805A-DABF6CC50FA7.JPG

I also painted the skull inside, I could have stopped at the middle step shown below, but I knew I wanted to have LEDs inside the helmet to illuminate the skull, so I made it a little more grungy so the dirt and grime won't be lost when it is lit up.

IMG_1415.JPG IMG_1418.JPG IMG_1419.JPG IMG_1420.JPG IMG_1421.JPG IMG_1428.JPG IMG_1427.JPG

And finally, once I was back home (was using my dads workshop to do all this) I was able to review all the references I'd made and the MCC to add all the details for the helmet.

Helmet.jpeg helmet front.jpeg Capture.jpeg IMG_1445.JPG IMG_1444.JPG IMG_1447.JPG

And all that is left is for me to do is to vacuum form the visor and finish all the rest of the armor! ((Since the photos above, I've finished the comms unit, and I'm still waffling on whether or not I actually want the detail components on the helmet to be teal as well, or to have the metallic finish like in the photos. Will probably go with the latter for accuracy.))

Thanks for following along, sorry for a long as heck update, but this is where I stand at the moment, will definitely update again once I've made progress on something else worth noting.


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1. I am super jealous of the organization of that shop (future goals)
2. Hot dang does that helmet look good!
3. You are giving RandomRanger a run for the money with those leg details
My dad is very tedious when it comes to his organization in his shop, and I don't blame him lol my work station at home is a cluster of materials, paints, and prints
I appreciate it! I'm really shooting for a tier 3 build this go-around so I'm wanting it to be as close as I can get it! :)