3-d files from Metroid for Pepakura?

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Isit possibleanyone has or can get the 3dfiles for the Varia Suit and the Gravity Suit attachments from Metroid Prime? id love to start a Pepa suit.

Thanks in advance.
Dude, Corruption was released less then a week ago. There was never even a beta. You can't expect anyone to actually have a model extractor or anything for the game yet.

There is a thing called Patience. Could potentially take months.


Edit: After a misunderstanding, the topic is unlocked. He meant the first game, I was thinking third. Be more specfic when posting topics like this.

As for the question, I remember talking with a friend online who mentioned something about a model extractor for Metroid Prime, can't be to sure. I belive he and other friends were making it at the time. Never knew if it got out though.

well, i have one, but it is HUGE!. turns out that the many curves doesnt quite work for pepakura
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very curvy shapes in a game ready model = very bad topology for pepakura. Trust me. I do this stuff for a living (makin stuff for games that is, not pepakura) :p

In order to get a lot of the curvature for things like samus aran's armor in a game ready model, it takes lots of geometry, and lots of strange geometry (based off of geospheres, and "interesting" triangle configurations)

In all reality you'd really be better off making the model yourself, or finding someone that is good at modeling to create one (like doom or myself.. though i'm pretty sure both of us are too busy right now unfortunately)

For the models i create for pep stuff, I try to stick to as optimized as possible, mostly quads.. that way there aren't as many strange small triangular folds to deal with. And i try to keep things relatively low poly, so that it's not just making unnecessary folds that could've easily just been sanded down later anyways..

anyhow, I digress.

/end rant
id love to try it, even if to just get the basic shape of some parts. it would be an extremely detailed project. id be going down to every little detail like the green track lighting along the body lines etc. i couldnt find a single resource for anything to do with a project like this, so me and a friend of mine ar looking into trying it out.

any type af resource you guys could give regarding any method of doing this would be appreciated.
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