3 week Halo 3 marine pilot build


405th Regiment Officer
The idea

We all know everybody wants to be a strong Spartan and all but on cons, with a booth, I found its kinda clumsy to be in armor and protect props at the same time. By the end of 2017 I got the idea to replace my damaged, worn out Halo Reach Spartan with a lighter marine suit and join our 3 other marines in the European Regiment. Since I was the driver for a few cons in the past on some longer (european long) road trips I figured it would be funny to spice things up by building the pilot variant. This also enabled me to wear a Helmet which in some cases is more comfortable while in costume.

The build

I ordered pants and a combat shirt in desert dpm, the other 3 marines in my regiment use this as well and it looks really fitting, as well as a black shirt for the soft parts. I had some nice boots from larping which I also used for the suit.

After some googling I found a pepakura pilot helmet, but there was no time to do the helmet the old fashioned, resin and bondo way. So I converted it into a .stl and asked my friend 247District to help me out with his blender skills to go from this
2ySBjg9.jpg to this SqrdDyH.jpg

I cut the 3D model up nicely with netfabb to fit my 3D printers build platform.
While the parts were printing I tackled the foamwork. I luckily found nice marine foam patterns in the armory which had nearly all parts I needed. I assembled the printed helmet with a 3d pen when all parts were printed which works surprisingly well without any glue.

Most of the foam parts from the marine file, assembled Helmet and soft parts in the back

Now the real fun began, sanding and filling the helmet and sealing the foam parts. As time to the next con was short I had to do a few things at once and did not take many pics of the steps before painting and weathering. I added a visor and some LEDs to the helmet as well. I added webbing and clips on the foam parts where needed. Some parts had to be free handed to connect other parts and bridge the gap between shin pieces and boots to fit the look better.

Helmet painted, weathered with visor and LEDs

This part was free handed, sadly my soldering iron was too cold for clean burning.

The mostly finished suit


Current state of the suit next to screenshot

After just 3 weeks It was done just in time.
Its really mobile and easier to put on than a Spartan suit. Really comfortable to wear as well.
I still need to add some markings and maybe a few personal touches to the original design but all in all I'm glad it worked out to be presentable for the con.
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