360 price drop!?!?

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While I was in the states (minnesota to be exact) I went to Fye (Media/Electronic/Game store) and as I was walking in I noticed the PS3 was marked down to 569.99$ I belive. But that wasent worthy of a picture =P. I walked over to the Xbox 360 section and I noticed above the 360's there was a little sign. At first I was like, Wow! a Price drop!. But then I noticed it was only 30$ down so I was like bleh. I don't know if this is a Fye thing only or if its not been completly cut lower across the USA, but Fye was the only store I saw it at 369.99 for a premium package.

I snapped this with my Cellphone so sorry for the quality :p .


Its probabaly a clearance. They are getting rid of those to make room for the Elites. It is only the store, not Microsoft, who prices it at $400. They sell it at that to make money, generally at leasy a 30%-50% profit for the store. They could probably sell the Premium at $300 and still make a decent profit.
Actually, and I may be completely wrong, but I don't think the stores make much money on the hardware, because I know for the most part the manufactures lose money on every system sold.

So why would they sell the hardware then? Because the reap the rewards on software and periphials.
The store makes money I said, not Microsoft. Microsoft probably sells each system to the store for a little under/over $300 and the store sells them for $400 to make at least some money back.
actually, stores buy consoles for the same amount you and I buy them for. Sometimes a couple bucks more. They NEVER make money off the console, no one does. (well... maybe nintendo.)

All the money is made in games and ESPECIALLY accessories.
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