360 Ring of Red Lights

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OK, I got my system on release day so it is almost two years old. I went to play H2 online last week and was greeted with the ring of death. 360 is on its way to McAllen for the old swaparoo. Anyone lese experienced this? How long did it take to get back? I live in Tx so I figured it shouldn't be too long.
Yup, I had it too. Took about 4 weeks, and they just replaced it with a new system rather than repairing it.
Funny, this is my second system that broke that way. I'm waiting. SO THIS WILL BE MY THIRD refurbished system :mrgreen:
I love Microsoft, they amuse me....

I'm trying to be lighthearted about this whole deal... ;-)
Call 1800-MY-XBOX. And go through the whole repair deal.

They have the three year warranty in place so you should be good to go assuming its still under warranty ;-)
Call them first. It took me 1.5 hours on hold. You are covered. In fact, anyone who already paid to get it fixed is being reimbursed. Seems the problem is the motherboard flexes from heat over time and pops the GPU. Supposedly the new boards address this.

PS. Make sure to get it fised before H3! :gun3: :gun1:
ive had my box from day one and mine hasent had one problem with it at all i dont watch dvd's on it all i do is play games on it i painted my faceplate but yea it should take about 6 weeks to get it back thats how long my freinds waited for theres
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