360 went toast!

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So folks, I have been graced by the 3 blinking red lights. It came to me while watching an episode of Season 3 Seinfeld. So much for buying ST: Legacy on the 5th. So my console will be gone for 2-3 weeks now, so sad.

I guess that's what I get for getting my console on launch day.

Funny thing is, my brother's 360 died yesterday, also a launch console.

crazy :(
I'm so paranoid about my 360 going down, it's not even funny.

However, the funny this is, I might be getting a part time job as a 360 tech support dude, after christmas. Who knows.

Sorry for your loss. Are they fixing it for free? or charging you $130?
damn man, sucks. so many of my friends are getting that error. one of them actually fixed it with the hot air gun fix

i've decided to wait for the next gens of the newest systems to come out before deciding on which (if any) to get.
No they're fixing it free, other than shipping. If they were gonna charge me 130 I'd just buy a new one and tinker with this one.

At least I beat GOW before this happened.
Hmm, stinks for you. You can still buy games w/o the system... you just won't be able to play them, but at least you'll have the satisfaction of playing it the second you get your console back.

I got mine on the christmas after it came out. Not a single problem :!:
I think IT = 360

Sucks to hear about your 360, I'm scared too.

I got mine on launch and have been ridiculously careful with it. It's in an entertainment center with the airconditioner aimed to run down the back of the center.. I even put air scoops on the back to force the a/c against the back of the 360.

I'm wondering about using it when I have the heat on though (instead of the A/C).. Luckily I'm a Floridian, so we only use the heat for like a week, tops. I might get one of those 360 fans that plug into the USB ports eventually, but for now the air conditioning does a great job.

I also don't use it to watch movies, because that makes the drive run constantly, I also don't walk away with games running on it.

It still scares me though because it seems to make a lot of noise when it runs a game... The DVD drive has always been kinda' noisy.

(btw - just because your 360 is down.. don't let that stop you from signing up for the Halo 3 multiplayer beta demo today).
Launch was before christmas, so in theory, that christmas was the christmas after it came out.

(I know, I read it twice too).

Some folks don't consider christmas a season.
Oh, I signed up for the beta, no worries there.

As for the whole movie thing. I bought a 60$ DVD player years ago, It's been passed around to like 2 friends since i bought it, and still works. I kinda expect my $400 360 to be able out last that old brick of machinery. That's "bleeding-edge" technology though

I'm sure they'll send me a refub unit that won't last that long either.
Redsleighdown said:
Redsleighdown said:
I got mine on the christmas after it came out.

wait...i'm confused. define it.

Deadguy said:
I think IT = 360

there hasn't been a christmas yet after the 360 has come out has there? :shock:
Sorry for the confusion. Yes, the 360 came out on Nov. 22 of 2005, I recieved my Xbox 360 on Dec. 25 of 2005.
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The difference between the DVD drive in a game system and a stand alone DVD player is the speed at which it's accessed, how often it DOESN'T just read each track one right after the other, and how long it runs for.

A game drive, because it's built to hop around from track to track and only play for a minute or two at a time.

Of course a normal dvd player, under normal circumstances, doesn't skip very often, and reads continuously for a solid 2 and a half hours.

In a system that has the potential for overheating problems, you can see where that's a potential problem waiting to happen.

When I replaced the drive on my original xbox, the replacement drive was only $20.

So perhaps it's safer to think of it as a $20 DVD drive within a $375 computer game processor... it's enough to make me go... oh.. yeah.. that's a potentially pricey way to watch a movie on a cheesy player.
My 360 never had problems running hot. Warm during some games. during movies your system has very little to do other than spin the drive. Try it sometime, play a game for an hour and feel the top of the system. Then watch a movie, you'll notice the system is significantly cooler.

During a DVD the 360 isn't doing anything really in the way of computations, so the cpu isn't doing much, which means way less heat.

My problem really felt like a bad chuck o' memory, with the random freeze points and all.
Lucky For me it's never Hot over here Well when it is It's only for about a week or so and my 360 won't be over heating it would probley suffer from being water logged instead It's all ways raining here in London. :D
360 Toaster

My 360 died too, tonight actually, and it wasn't a heat issue at all for those of you worried about heat.

I've seen those heat problems from keeping it on for too long, but this was completely unrelated to heat. I had basically just turned it on. I put in my Halo 2 disc, and the screen got all scrambley looking. I turned it off, then on again and got the three red lights. I removed it and alll the cables from my entertainment center, and connected everything directly to my TV and a wall socket, and I got it working again, enough that I was able to sign in, then got the scramble again, the screen froze. Then when I rebooted it again, I got this black screen that said System Failure in about 20 different languages, and an error code and the X Box support website address.

Oh, and the official diagnosis?: Code E-71; Internal Hardware Failure. So if you ever see your screen get scrambley looking, kiss your 360 goodbye! For a while anyway.

It's all cool, I talked to X Box customer support, they were very good about it. I got my console as a gift from a friend so I don't even have a reciept, but they're fixing it for free anyway. They searched the serial # to find the date of manufacture and it's still under warranty. I dunno if you all have seen but Microsoft recently announced that they would do free repair for all consoles manufactured in 2005 (OXM #65, pg 90). They'll also refund people who have already paid for repair. So those of you sweating it, at least you got that on your side.

2-3 days to ship it there, 2-3 days to fix or replace, 2-3 days to ship it back. I'm just thrilled that they'd process the repair request without a reciept.

I've gone longer that that away from my 360 just being preoccupied with projects. It'll give me more time to work on that tutorial. ;)
I got the same error code... E-71

Bummer too, i was in the process of typing up a post to get a bunch of us onto halo 2, and get some custom matches going.

Eagerly anticipating your tutorial Sean...

Thanks for all the info Sean.

Did any of you experience longer loading times and stuff before it crashed?

I put in my Halo 2 disk at a Lan Party the other day and with went through a "percentage loaded" screen before it even displayed the Microsoft/bungie logo startups.

It scares me sometimes.
man thats scary, i havent went out to get a 360 yet i might wait around to get it..like i did with the xbox.....man that sux guys i hope you can get it fix soon
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