[3D Print] M319 Grenade Launcher

Discussion in 'Halo Props' started by Revier, Oct 4, 2018.

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    After much deliberation Iv decided to make the M319 my next project.
    While none of my previous work has been from the halo franchise it is one that has been near and dear to me, each project I have done has built and improved on the last, from higher fidelity modelling to adding lighting an moving parts.

    My plan going forward is the following:
    • Produce a high fidelity 1:1 model based on bungies designs from Reach (the one from Guardians is the exact same model and texture)
    • Give it a functioning reload system - including grenade (no actual firing mechanism :unsure:)
    • High grade finish using a combination of 'print finishing' method for PLA.
    • Internal Power supply (no trailing wires to battery packs)
    • 2 Position function support handle
    • LED lit aiming reticle that folds for transportation and handling
    • Light Up ammo counter (Possibly functioning screen or static laser engraved acrylic)
    So a common misconception is that 3d printing is a case of "Take model from game and click print - Job done", most models ripped from games are unusable for 3d printing, either look nothing like the 'end product' or very basic geometry most of the detail is held in the texture. The best example i can find of this is from World of Warcraft from 2004 to 2010 over 3 expansions, blizzard got a lot of mileage from 4 models for plate legs all the difference and detail was in the textures. As many of you know halo models are no different :).

    The second thing that model rips bring are....triangles:sick:, Triangle are the bane of my life when it comes to 3d modeling and printing, they dont 'smooth' too well everything gets this sort of wavey pitted effect or random curves and ridges

    Yes ill be using ingame models for scaling, positioning an references these will be recreated from scratch models.

    The size end size of model will be 77.377cm x 17.328cm x 33.003cm this only slightly smaller than details from halopedia (it should be 77.6cm) it works out to be a better fit for my printer and the volume it can manage.

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    I am working on a similar project with the tube being pvc and having the rest built with 3D printing around it and using airsoft grenades and the guts of a airsoft grenade launcher to have it working
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    I see you are going through the same learning process as i did when making game assest 3d printable in cinema 4d, PM me and i can help you on that front and give you tips to speed up the process if you want. Really feel the pain of the triangles ;)
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    I'll reach out to you as well, if you don't mind of course. I'm beginning to look into this process as well, for the sake 3d printing armor components, using game assets as a base.

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    FInish? is posible public files to 3d print? thanks

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