3d printed custom Halo 5 Anubis Armor


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Greetings fellow Spartans

I have recently started a huge 3d printing project were I am printing a custom Anubis armor. I plan to have it done up in the style of the Egyptian god Anubis with the ears and spot for the tail built in to the armor and going with the matte black and bright gold color scheme. I am currently working at printing the helmet. I will add pics to this post as parts are printed.


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Here is an update. I have got the helmet sized and have started to part it out. Here is a pic showing it without the visor.

I plan to vacuform the visor and the one-way gold tent it. The body model that I am using was made in Makehuman. the ears are 3d printed fox ears from Rankine. I now have been inspired to make a full line of beast variants of halo armor. I have plans for a dragon, bear, wolf, and otter. If you would like to see any other beasts feel free to post up your suggestions here of what animal and armor combos you would like to see.

Update 3/14/20
Here is the full armor minus the gloves due to issues with the model will be using the War master's gloves to fix hi
Full armor.PNG
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