3d Printed Mk V Armor (**Build Starts Page 2**)


3d printing sounds great, but what if you cant, what can you use to build your armor?
There are a number of ways to do it. A very popular option is to make it out of paper and fiberglass it. Foam also works. I'm only 3d printing because that's what works for me.

ADAWG99, you're doing the whole helmet in 1 go? Ambitious. Good luck and looking forward to seeing this completed. I wish I had a 3D printer.....scratch that...I wish I knew how to use a 3D printer in order to get one......I'm a Technosaurus.
Turns out I was a little over-ambitious. :lol: The print started having layer shifting about a third of the way through and I had to stop the print. I'm trying a new mk v file (the halo 4 version I think) split into four sections. It is printing a lot easier and with less supports, but I was hoping to have something that I wouldn't have to glue together at all. However, a piece is already done printing and it's coming out great. Not giving up on this four-year-old thread just yet!


All glued together except for the back piece (neck seal). The geometry of the helmet doesn’t allow you to pop your head in as the opening is much too small. I suppose magnets could work or maybe a rubber neck seal like impact props did (though that would require much more work). Open to more suggestions!
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I suppose magnets could work or maybe a rubber neck seal like impact props did (though that would require much more work). Open to more suggestions!
Depending on the application, I sometimes use hot glue on stretch fabric along the seams to allow the armor to open up slightly and close behind you.


Any chance anyone could convert a game asset into something 3d printable. Theres a package here: PC / Computer - Halo: Combat Evolved - Master Chief - The Models Resource
I am trying to take the "MC First Person" model, strip away the undersuit, and (for now) make the forearms, and handplates into something 3d printable. My problem is I have not a single clue on how to add wall thickness to a complex model that doesn't have it. Believe me, I've looked up how and tried, but I cannot for the life of me do it properly.
Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 9.52.37 PM.png

Small Update on the helmet:
Bought some 1" split wooden maple balls on amazon to replace the low poly ones on the cheeks. They fit perfectly. Got the idea from impact props' build.


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I dont know much about 3d printing or modeling, but I love the determination on fulfilling a childhood dream. 4 years or 40, it's never too late.

There's got to be a printable mark V out there. CollinMcCaf might know of something or may have a tip for you on the thickness issue.