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So I have an Ender 3 Max Neo, and the thing is great, but I have been having some issues that have been causing me to delay printing my helmet.

Issue 1. Heat Warping.
My prints (Halo and not) have all had issues with heat warping in a way. I am printing with PLA, on the standard settings (200F Nozzle, 60F Bed) But it seems anything over 3-5 inches tall will warp, and cause a massive failure, in which it "tumbleweeds" and ruins the whole print. Nothing I seem to do works with preventing this, and my last mistake used a lot more filament then I am willing to risk again on failure. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? I have seen some things about using painters tape on the bed, or sanding the bed down, but I do not want to sand it down, should I actually damage it.

And now,
Issue 2. Rafts

So this problem goes hand in hand with the heat warping, but seems to happen more frequently. With every print, even things like kit cards, I have had to use either a simple raft or raft to keep it from moving. this is incredibly annoying, and takes much more time and material. If there is an easy way so I won't have to use ANY sort of raft, I would gladly try it.
You can try gluestick or 3DLAC to increase bed adhesion. As for the raft issue, keep what from moving? Is your print coming loose from the bed without a raft?
Yeah, often will smaller things not using raft, the print would not stick without a raft. I’ll have to try a glue stick though
I'd recommend using a brim. It helps to stabilize taller prints and helps to prevent delamination from the bed. I always tend to have warping and delamination from the raft when I tried using it.

Glue stick definitely helps with bed adhesion and I back it 100%.

Best of luck to you!
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