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    Hi Ya'll,

    I hope this the correct location to post this. Moderators, please let me know if it I need to move this to another thread.

    Anyway, I'm offering a 3D printing service to the fine members of this community. I've been heavily involved in 3D printing for about 3 years now, both professionally and as a hobby. When I first started costuming and prop making, pepakura was my go to solution for construction. However, after investing in a FDM style 3D printer, I never went back. This technology is definitely a game changer. Please see the pictures below of my current setup.

    30385689337_73e6623713.jpg IMG_0464 by Fudz0732011, on Flickr

    43510076020_19cb183848.jpg IMG_0465 by Fudz0732011, on Flickr

    I'm operating a Creality CR-10 with some modifications and a Wanhao D7 DLP resin printer. I would like to offer a printing service to anyone interested. Here's what I'm offering...

    Creality CR-10 ($0.03/gram @ $2.00/hr) - PLA(Polylactic Acid) - All prints will be printed with a 0.4mm or 0.5mm nozzle with gray Esun filament. I will accept requests using a higher quality PLA but pricing will reflect the higher cost of material. Build plate size is 275mm x 275mm x 400mm

    Wanhao D7 ($0.09/mL @ 5.00/hr) - Acrylic Resin - All prints will be printed at resolutions of 50micron or 100micron depending on desired resolution. I use MonoCure Rapid Grey. I will accept requests for different resins but pricing will reflect cost of material and time for calibration. Build plate 120mm x 68mm x 180mm.

    So, pricing will include cost of material, print time, and shipping. For example, if a piece of armor uses 700grams of filament and takes 12 hours to print the pricing will be ($0.03x700) + ($2.00x12) = $45 plus the cost of shipping and handling. Of course each piece will vary and I can work with you to modify a part depending on your budget.

    I will ship each part AS IS from the printer. I will remove the bulk of any support material. I don't do filling, sanding, painting, or finishing. As you can tell from the picture above, I have enough unfinished projects as it is.

    I'm happy to work out the details depending on each order. PM if you're interested and I'll do my best to try and fit your 3d Printing needs!


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    What is the estimated price of a halo helmet?
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    Personally, I think he/she needs to double the price per gram. costs me roughly $30 for 1kg of filament. $.03/g * 1000g = $30 per roll of filament. Means he/she is loosing money if the print warps and has to to print again. This can add up, I think I once estimated a full suit would take 10 rolls or $300.
    Compared to services like Shapeways, this is an absolute steal. I would not be surprised if Shapeways would charge you $50k usd.

    I have no idea on the cost per hour because I don't know how long it takes to print. It greatly depends on layer height. At the finest detail a helmet would take at least a week of constantly printing. At the quickest setting it might take 2 days to print. The real cost would be time.
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    Wow. Thanks for the info.
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    So... if you wanted a helmet, say the Mjolnir mk 7 for this example, it would take my machine 140hrs to print at a quality of .2mm layers with about 1340g of PLA filament. Pricing would then follow as 140hrs*$2.00/hr + 1340g*$0.03/g = $320. This is a very rough estimate. Every helmet will differ depending on size, detail, etc. I would say expect between $300 - $500 per helmet. Please keep in mind this is just the printed parts. They'll still need assembled and finished. My FDM printer can handle larger prints, so I can try and print the helmet in as few parts as possible when possible.

    I hope this answers your question. PM me if you're interested on moving forward of have any more questions.
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    The local library here charges 10 cents per gram of filament in pla but don't charge for the time. So that is a good idea of most material cost for services
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