Props 3D printing the Halo 3 Pelican


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This is going to be a long project. I wanted to make a big desktop sized halo 3 pelican. This is going to have a nearly 8" wingspan.

In order to use the fewest supports possible, and fit the whole thing on my print bed, I've chopped it up into 11 chunks. I've got 2 of them printed now and it is looking really good.

Credit for the model goes to the amazing WMHunterTLS.

This model is super detailed. More detailed than you would ever be able to notice at the scale that I'm printing it at, so I've actually eliminated some of the smaller details. Even still, Look at those Seats!

So this is my first update. I'll be updating more as I complete it if people are interested.







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I have the same brand of calipers!
0.1mm layer height I take it? Lookin' nifty. I always have to keep an eye on my printer when I'm printing fine detail.
For some reason I find the turret peeking out in the last pic hilarious.


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If you like. I might have a detailed model for you. With interior and all

View attachment 253971

View attachment 253972

View attachment 253974
That is quite the model. I'm really liking the one I'm working with right now. It has extended landing gear. I'm just running into some issues with the door being super thin. I think I need to edit the model slightly so that it prints better. Also having some issues with supports not removing cleanly and ruining the aesthetic. So I'm working through some issues. On top of that I'm working on a nerf hammershot barrel, my Halo 2 Sniper rifle/nerf retaliator mod, and I'm printing OFP nerf flywheel cages and painting BoomCo Halo Magnums for my etsy shop. I'm kind of a busy guy at the moment so I fear that progress on this model has stalled for the time being.


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This project is being put slightly on hold while I rework the model a little bit. I printed a section of the cargo hold and the door was so thin that it broke off while I was removing supports. In other news, I'm updating one of my other threads about a halo 2 sniper rifle build that is moving forward at a glacial, but satisfactory rate.