405th at the San Diego Comic Convention


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*bam* Both my ODST suit and the Jun suit are in here. Also check out the Legacy FX Kat and for no reason at all, a big daddy with a spinning drill.

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Holy hell they gave a couple of you XBOX 360's, I am really going to have to try to get to SDCC next year to see what I can try to get.


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Hah, the Waypoint folks actually asked Delta to get in the picture. We were doing our photoshoot and as he was walking by they said "Hey, let's get Bioshock in there for no reason. Everything's better with bioshock." And then he showed off his actual spinning drill. :)


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405th interview

is there a video of RyanValera, Daniel Yuan and others? I heard its on the console but i dont have an xbox right now. i traded it in to get the new reach xbox
I believe the person who won the second Xbox 360 in the masquerade from that is a 405th member named UNSC Anubis 117! Yeah he made that Halo 3 Hunter costume and you can see in the video they award him the Xbox, I tried to see if he posted anything about it but alas I am not sure if he is still on the forums as I could not find his name in the members list.
I actually went searching and found out his new name on the forums is x117anubis but he hasn't posted any new since may of this year. Apparently he finished his costume in time for Comic Con and because of it's originality he won a much deserved prize for all his hard work.