405th chat


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Meh, It annoys me by sitting on my window, IRC works on many portable devices and computers, much better because it works at home or on the go, I use it alot on my nintendo DS, but typing with a touch screen isnt easy.


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i think its better because its more "Instant" and it kinda looks better than the other one.

Primal Weyland

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I.... don't think I'll be using IRC. Too many bad memories, too many illiterate teenagers screaming, too much data to assimilate in one sitting.


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How often does everyone go on the chat? We should use it and have like costuming workshops or something like that. It would be so cool.


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AoBfrost said:
You guys missed all the cool fun, xavier, zaso, keegan, adam, me, sigma were all on.
yes. fun to talk to everyone
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