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It's heeeerrreeeeee!

HUGE thanks to Asgardianhammer for all of his hard work in getting a metric craptonne of merch for all of you!

I'm going to give you a lot of information. Please, please, PLEASE take the time to read all of it. I'll divide it up in to sections so you can hopefully find the information you need.

As a bit of a back story, Division and Regiment Staff discussed how we can offer merch to all of you - the best possible quality, variety, low minimums and with flexible timing. The only way to do that is to offer designs via a print on demand site. Of course, that means it is a little more expensive and it did mean that we were limited on things like only one sided printing etc. However, we can now give you a ton of stuff that you can order whenever you want. And these items can be added to as Regiments design more Regiment specific items.

A few of us also placed some orders to see what to expect. We all had a satisfactory experience and the items are holding up well through washing and wearing. The base items themselves are well made and the printing isn't cracking or peeling.


All of the items are organized in to collections to hopefully make it easier to narrow down what you want. When you open an item, you'll see a screen like this. The pricing here is in Canadian funds because that's where I am - however, yours will show in whatever currency is local to you. If you scroll through the "Also Available On" (see below at purple arrow) you'll see just how many items this can be printed on. Some items you can choose whether you print it on the front or the back. Please note though that these designs have been optimized to fit the front. If you really want to make your wallet cry - click on the area beside the green arrow below and you'll see a lot more items including hoodies, phone cases and bags.


The Features and Reviews area is IMPORTANT - once you've selected the item you want, it's going to show you details about that item including what it is made from and how it fits. It also gives you details on the model and what size they are wearing so you can make an informed decision.



Not all available items have been enabled for each logo. For example - the water bottle which we know people have been asking for, only comes in a single design due to the fact that it only comes in a white base. The logo had to be altered to work on a white background.

HOWEVER - you are going to see all colour options available for each item, even if the logo doesn't work with it. We have disabled any clothing items that only came in white, however, we have no control to remove white when it is offered as one of many colour options. The colour options you see are based on what they can print that item on, not on what we wanted it printed on.


I mean.....I suppose if you want an abomination you can choose the Classic T-Shirt in orange, I won't judge. But please be cautious about what you choose and ensure that the entire image shows up. If you buy this in a white base all of that text won't be there. BE CAUTIOUS.


This is an important one so please, please, please PAY ATTENTION!!!

Shipping costs suck - we all know it. We've specifically chosen Redbubble because they have locations in several countries. HOWEVER specific items are only printed in specific locations. This mainly is going to affect our members outside of the US but all should be aware. When I ordered 4 things - a shirt, leggings, some stickers and a zippered pouch - I got 4 different shipments. One of those shipments I had to pay a little extra in customs on. Just be aware that might happen. This is pretty standard for us living outside of the US but I want to be sure there are no surprises.

Redbubble thankfully has a list of where items are printed so you know what may end up costing you extra. See the below screen cap of where to find this list. The list itself is too long to add here so please if this concerns you, have a look at the list prior to ordering.


If you look at the first image in this post between the purple and green arrows, you'll see a message about Delivery. It will give you this for each item. Chances are if you order more than one item, they will come at different times either due to location or due to print time. They aren't printing your entire order in one location, in one sitting. When you go to check out there is a shipping calculator that will let you know what the shipping cost for your entire order is. It won't, however, tell you if your items are coming from different locations or if you may have to pay customs. So please, if you are concerned, check the list of what items come from which locations.


Yep...some items are pricey. No way to beat around that bush. But we hope you understand that the price is a little more because this is print on demand. Pre-orders as we've done in the past leave us with only being able to offer one or two items and often struggling with reaching minimums. Plus that leaves us with large gaps in time where we don't have merch available for newcomers or those who were unable to purchase during a pre-order This way you can order what you want, at any time you want.

We tried to offer a large variety of items to hopefully cover off the most people - we have many different shirt styles, including several women's fit, and then a lot of other items like leggings, bags, phone cases and even SOCKS! You'll see that we've even included a design for our Community Mascot, 581.


Again, thank you very much to Asgardianhammer for putting this together for our community. Also of note, the Regiment logo was initially designed by Benton188 for a Colonial Regiment shirt. Colonial was kind enough to allow us to use this for each Regiment and Robb took the base design and ran with it to give you this great looking distressed logo!


I know that was long....thank you for reading through it. This process brought Robb and I so much joy that I just want to ensure that you all are equipped with the most information possible. So! Off you go! Check out what we have! And please let us know if you spot any designs that aren't showing correctly etc.

405th Community Redbubble Store



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Remember - if you see an item that you like the graphic but not what it is on - open it up anyway because chances are it's offered on all sorts of other things. We're noticing that on some of the items it changes what it shows. For example - the Tri Hex pattern initially was showing the pillow for me, but I know that is a pattern that is also offered on a travel mug, tote bag, mini skirt etc. etc. etc. So make sure you have a look at all of it!

As well, Robb is making a change to the ODST design to remove the word "Our". I had feedback that you wished it wasn't there. If you that held you back from getting that design, check back later today and see the new version!

Another reminder - the tab at the top of the forum "405th Shop" will take you to where you can buy stickers and patches. It will be where anything we can't do on Redbubble will go, for example, eventually challenge coins and enamel pins. We can't offer those items through Redbubble so we need to keep the 405th Shop open. We're going to work on getting (hopefully) a link to the Redbubble Store up there as well but that will be sometime in the future. Yes, we can do stickers through Redbubble, but until the stock we have is gone, they will stay with the patches. So go buy lots of stickers!!
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Yes, thank you shirt gods, they're available as Tri-Blend.
(For anyone NOT wanting the boxy look and would prefer something more fitted)
Merch suggestion: I'd love to see some active wear pants for guys to go with the active shirt. I'd love to rep at the gym!
As I mentioned above, they don't have pants except for those leggings. If they add some at sometime we will add them.
We have also added a 405th Support Team shirt for all the family members and extras that help us at conventions etc. Its features our ever-helpful 405th Monitor - 581.

Thank you everyone for being patient while we get this started and I truly hope you are enjoying what you are seeing so far. Please know Angela has worked so hard behind the scenes to get us something really cool we can all be proud of. I appreciate all of the help and constructive feedback.
Just saw this and ordered some. Honestly lol'd at the bed sheet, but that's the beauty of print on demand.
Some of these designs have been stolen and are being sold by other RedBubble Shops. It's something that unfortunately happens with these kind of on demand sites. So, be sure you are ordering from:
So, I was on Redbubble looking for a travel mug. I can't help but notice that the travel mugs with the regiment logos all (or at least many) have REALLY bad photos. Like in the pictures and thumbnail, you can't actually see the logo... 1674098615713.png1674098588095.png

Also, I was wondering if there was any move to get the new ODST logo on a travel mug or something like that... would be pretty sweet.
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