405th Day Weekend Game Sessions

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With 405th Day being conveniently on a holiday long weekend for most of the North American Regiments (the holiday is totally 405th Day and we know it) what better way to celebrate than a wide variety of games that we can share with everyone? Each game night will have a streamed and a non-streamed section of time which will be clearly announced for anyone that does not wish to have their voice or XBOX Live/Steam name available to be viewed on stream.

Over the course of the weekend we'll be having the following game sessions managed through our Discord. Priority on RSVP is granted to Full Members (50 posts/90 days) for the main game session and Full Member status is mandatory for anyone active on stream. The Discord also has multiple voice chatrooms so multiple games can be coordinated if one session becomes too full.

Saturday April 3rd: Halo Reach Customs Games
Stream Time: 7:00PM CST

A curated selection of the finest game modes, custom maps and game engine straining techniques created by the Forge Masters all for your enjoyment.

Sunday April 4th: Cursed Halo
Stream Time: 3:00PM CST

This is based on a Halo Custom Edition mod and requires a little bit of setup that is outlined on the mod creators Patreon. We've setup a server for the chaos to unfold on and everyone is invited. If you have any issues installing the mod, please let me know and I can help walk you through the steps.

Monday April 5th: MCC Game Day
Stream Time: 7:00PM CST

Free play throughout the day will be drop in based through the Discord, feel free to hang out and have fun with your fellow 405th members! During the streamed portion we'll be going through a set playlist similar to the Regiment vs. Regiment events to keep things mixed up and everyone on their toes for the sake of excitement!

As is with any sort of organized chaos, some rules are laid out to keep things flowing smoothly and to make sure that nobody gets hurt. Luckily we have broken everything down into four simple things to remember!

This is a PG-13 Stream, with potential of Microsoft affiliates and/or 343i tuning in and watching as well. Therefore, there is to be no swearing on live camera. One slip is allotted considering rating, first violation is a server mute for the in-progress game session. Further incursions is removal from game chat and/or game if deemed necessary with disciplinary follow-up.
2. Tea-bagging is absolutely not allowed on live stream as mentioned before, the IP holders may tune into our stream and this action is heavily frowned on by both, and is disrespectful to other players. Any confirmed offense is immediate ejection from the game session and disciplinary follow-up.
3. Play nice, and play fair. Please do not exploit any glitches in-game, "Channel Hop" to distract your opponents, or anything deemed with malicious intent. This is meant to bring members together in a positive environment and test their skills against friends!
4. Music can not be played on the stream or be audible in-chat/on live stream, as this can copyright strike the channel and put this form of media at risk for the community. Failure to comply will warrant a server mute and/or disciplinary action as deemed necessary by the Mantle.

I hope to see you all online at some point this weekend!
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