405th Halo 3 Match Setup!

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I want to play a 405th only match on Xbox Live. So im setting it up here.

405th Clan Match (Sorry i always think of it as a clan): ( People i added first are already on my friends list)
Player 1: Leadingspartan (Kevinx001)
Player 2: Mastergunnz (Gunnz777)
Player 3: IronCobra3000 (IronCobra3000)
Player 4: Dark Rogue (Dark R0gu3)
Player 5: Mastergun44 ( Mastergun)
Player 6: SF Xavier (Xavier)
Player 7: halo bytes (DoC ByTeS)
Player 8: DWlGHT SCHRUT3(ThisIsMadness2)
Player 9: T4QAZOLE (Theunamed)
Player 10: CrAzY CH13F (CrAzY CH13F)
Player 11: DyingToKill301 (MaShEdPOTaToEs)
Player 12: Primal Weyland (PrimalWeyland)
Player 13: OHLOOK A SQUIRL (Flying_Squirl)
Player 14: HellraizrS88 (HellraizrS88)
Player 15: PoopieSmellman (Dedrick)
Player 16: Keegan ISK (Keegan)

Ok This match will be on Saturday of Next week During 5-10 pm Western Final time will be confirmed on Wednesday.

Each 405th member will get to be party leader atleast once. This is the party leader order:
Party Leader 1: Leadingspartan (Kevinx001)
Party Leader 2: Mastergunnz (Gunnz777)
Party Leader 3: IronCobra3000 (IronCobra3000)
Party Leader 4: Dark Rogue (Dark R0gu3)
Party Leader 5: Mastergun44 ( Mastergun)
Party Leader 6: SF Xavier (Xavier)
Party Leader 7: halo bytes (DoC ByTeS)
Party Leader 8: DWlGHT SCHRUT3(ThisIsMadness2)
Party Leader 9: T4QAZOLE (Theunamed)
Party Leader 10: CrAzY CH13F (CrAzY CH13F)
Party Leader 11: DyingToKill301 (MaShEdPOTaToEs)
Party Leader 12: Primal Weyland (PrimalWeyland)
Party Leader 13: OHLOOK A SQUIRL (Flying_Squirl)
Party Leader 14: HellraizrS88 (HellraizrS88)
Party Leader 15: PoopieSmellman (Dedrick)
Party Leader 16: Keegan ISK (Keegan)

To sign up, post your Gt: Ill add you.

On Hold in Case Anyone Leaves:

I put people on my friends list first. I will add the rest later.
Ill message you on xbox live when it will be (What time) My computer is getting upgraded by my step fathers friend.



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I'd join but 5 pm Western time is like 8 pm my time..It'd be too late as I'd only be on till 8 PM western for you guys..


DoC ByTeS said:
Add me up

XBL: haol bytes
I'll in on the match.

I think you mean "halo bytes." :)

My GT: Mastergunnz

BTW, could you message me when the match is being put together? I'm usually playing Rock Band and I don't always remember things so well, so just notify me when we're all ready.
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my gamertag: T4QAZOLE

and pm me when we have another match...like this week would be great
how about Wednesday that way I have something to look forward to.


sounds like fun my GT is: CrAzY CH13F
might be a slight plroblem because i live in the UK so just take that into consideration please, thanks =].

flying squirl

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sounds funky!!! :D


just to warn u thoe, im guna pass on being leader cuz my connection sucks. oh and i dont have the new maps yet.


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flying_squirl said:
sounds funky!!! :D


just to warn u thoe, im guna pass on being leader cuz my connection sucks. oh and i dont have the new maps yet.
your gt cracks me up!
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xomanowar said:
i would have set ot up if i had an xbox 360

Ill fix the list and update it later i just finished watching the new resident evil and i want to play some infection. Oh each party leader gets to share one gametype. I will confirm the time of the match on Wednesday-Friday. Good luck. Oh if you posted your gt. Ill send you FR's by Friday (FR= Friend Request) My gt is Kevinx001. So accept them from me.
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flying squirl

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DoC ByTeS said:
your gt cracks me up!
hahaha, thanks. oddly enough a little while after i set it up i met a guy in a match called 'OMG LOOK A FISH'. twas a funny match
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