405th Halo (4/Reach) Game Nights!

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Im online right now if anyone wants to join me... GT: Halcyon25
I play Spartan Ops, Swat, Team Regicide, Flood, Big Team, and if I can get enough friends, CTF.

Just send me a message asking to join and your from the 405th.


Seth Knight

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I'll be on Halo 4 for the next half hour. I've got no mic, and I'm not that good, just throwing it out there that I am. VisionedNevada3 is my gamertag. Hope to see some spartans out in the field!


Gumption 117

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GT is Gump24601 - have finished Campaign on Legendary and am running through Spartan Ops currently.
With War Games, I prefer big battle or team deathmatch. I play now and then during weeknights and on the weekends. Add me and I'll jump in-game when I can.
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