405th Infantry

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The Star War's Community has the 501st...so why shouldn't we have a fictional unit? I made a topic JUST for discussing this.

Our Name: 405th Infantry Group
Our Symbol: My idea is a Spartan, to his left a Marine, and to his right an ODST. Above it, in caps, military style font, "405th Infantry Fighting Force"
Our Groups: Spartans, Marines, ODSTS, currently no bridge personnel.
Backstory: Created by the UNSC High Council in a time when a fighting force that could be rapidly deployed from Africa, center of the Covenant/Human war. The task force includes Spartans, Marines, ODSTS and Bridge Personnel. The ships in it include (currently) the UNSC Jerusalem, Commanded by Rear Admiral George Hale. It is the tip of the UNSC's figurative spear.
Yeah, let the Star Wars people have all the fun. ;-)
It would be incredibly funny if we had Stormtroopers VS. Spartans...who would win? Spartans, of course.
Well lets see, shielded and heavily armored surgecially enhanced super soildiers vs normal humans in plastoid armor...

I almost pity the Stormtroopers.... almost ;-)
Pwnzed...but they have like...5'000 Active Imperials...we have...something like 5 complete Spartans, One Marine...and one dude with an AR :p
Remember, do never doubt there powers...they have AT-ATS and AT-STS and the Death Star!

1 spartan can kill how many covies. even if we have only 5 i think we would still win. even though i know there are more than just that.
energy shields. we have energy swords. and are masters at adapting to our surroundings. read the books. spartans know how to pwn hardcore style.
If an X-wing can blow up a Death-Star, a team of Spartans could do it. Also the Empire doesn't a Death Star anymore :mrgreen:

Actually I'd be interested to see a Phase 3 Dark Trooper vs a Spartan... might be a more even match
That would be a fight I'd buy Pay-Per-View for. From a nerd stance:
-A Spartan is technologically, tactically, strength and generally more advanced.
-Imperial Storm Troopers wear plasticy plates of armor and blasters. MJOLNIR Shield probally would be less effective against Blaster Gun fire because it would not be programmed to deflect against Blaster firing.
And I have to admit, I'm probally going to join the 501st.
Listen listen, we all know you just sprint at the trooper, take a few bullets to the shield and then proceed to snap his neck with your god like strength.

no idea who made picture, searched neck snap on google.
LOL thats an awesome pic.

On top of all the Spartan's advantages there is... ACTIVE CAMOFLAGE :mrgreen:

As S053 said, we can wander around killing Stormies, but we can do it without being seen! ;-)
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