405th Officially Invited to Anime Nebraskon 2011

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I could of sworn I had posted this before, but apparently I did NOT...

Anime Nebraskon - November 4-6
Omaha, Nebraska

The 405th is officially invited to Anime Nebraskon, usually they ask us to run a few panels but the panels are mostly full this year, they just ask that we parade around some in costume and help volunteer a few hours.

The main convention hotel is nearly full, it was full, but a few people cancelled their reservations...

BUT, right across the street is another hotel and right beside the main convention hotel is another hotel as well... so you won't have to do much walking to get to the convention hotel... unless you already reserved a room ^_^

Convention Room Prices:

$79/night (before tax) for a room with 2 double beds or a queen with a sofa sleeper until 8/20; price rises to $89/night (before tax) after August 20th

$129/night (before tax) for a poolside suite

convention hotel:
3321 SOUTH 72ND ST

1 888 HOLIDAY (1 888 465 4329)

(be sure to mention the Anime Nebraskon room block!)


Literally right across the street:

Comfort Inn & Suites
7007 Grover Street
Omaha, NE, US, 68106
Phone: (402) 934-4900

They will usually match the convention rates

In years past we've had about 3 or 4 members + the 2 or so convention staff members of the 405th show up at this convention. There are several 405th members in the Omaha area, but most don't have halo costumes...

This year as the panel lineup filled up much faster than normal, they're not requiring us to do panels, but if you use the panel submission form they will see what they can do. Anyone interested, if you could please respond in this thread so I can give them an idea of how many members to expect.

The same deal goes as in years past: free convention badge, you are responsible for getting your own room, or rooming up with someone else. They just ask that we parade our costumes around some and volunteer a few hours here or there. If you arrive Early Friday its simple to get in a few hours before the convention even starts up as there's plenty of things to setup!
I am working on an ODST costume for a Halloween Laser Tag game on the 30th that I expect to be done with in time. If I do have it finished, I would be willing to wander around in costume and volunteer. I could probably run something on creating armor out of foam if you guys needed to fill a slot.

I live in Nebraska, so I would be driving up and back home each day(unless I make friends with someone and crash there).

Let me know.


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They have the 2011 schedule beta posted.

Panel wise... Odds are there will be a cancellation or two... always is... You can feel free to use the following means: (not sure if they check the panel submission form as often, but if you use the form and send them an email saying your from the 405th, they'll likely put fourth a little more effort to get a few panels in for us ^_^

email activities: Activities@animenebraskon.com
or use the panel submission form: Anime NebrasKon 2011 Panel Submission Form


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I'd be happy to offer assistance if it is needed. I'm hardly an expert on armor building but I did build mine myself so I can always relate off of experience.


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I'll be attending as well. It seems like I applied too late for my panels, and the schedule was already filled, so I'll have plenty of time for running around in my ODST.
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