405th Recruitment posters

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Dmitri Molotov

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I would post this in 405th if it weren't for the restriction but the basic idea is that here you can post ideas and graphics of your UNSC recruitment posters, flyers, ads, etc.
The credit for "Fight for her" actually goes to an artist called Utopia Tree, but I modded it in Paint.
i love the second pic but the one with the green background wont open, it tells me iam not logged in or dont have permission
sweet, i like the one that shows earth better tho. the green one would be better without the make your own armor part.
Well not that many people know what the 405th is, i thought it would be worth it to break character a little in order to explain what the org was about.
New one... I was kind of going for a starship troopers thing ( the book actually, not the movie. "Join the UNSC and earn citizenship" would have been too weird.) with this poster.
I posted the "Fight for her" one in my schools commons (kind of like a big classroom that can be used for lots of things), my friends all got the joke.
I've also declared myself the area's recruiting officer/squad leader of the 13th Californian.
This is one I made for the poster thread, I though it turned out ok, I'm still a n00b at the GIMP, I'm decent at PS, but I no longer have it...

Its actually a new tradition at my school to use Paint because we're all poor hardcore geeks, except for the posers and the normals.
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