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405th @ Rose City ComicCon 2016 - Photoshoot & Dinner - Portland, Oregon

Discussion in 'Pacific Regiment' started by Roxas s Embers, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. Roxas s Embers

    Roxas s Embers

    Hey guys,

    It's that time again for RCCC!! We will have a 405th photoShoot and dinner on Saturday. The Photoshoot everyone is welcome to join.

    If you are planning on attending the dinner then message me on here or Facebook with that info and if you are bringing a +1 .

    Photoshoot details

    Date: Saturday September 10th 2016
    Time: 10 AM
    Location: Oregon Convention Center - Meet at the pendulum around 9:30 - We will move to the are near the large bell and near the Max station

    We will be getting video of individuals, Photo of individuals and lots of group shots

    Dinner Details

    Date: Saturday September 10th 2016
    Time: 8 PM
    Location: Red Robin 1139 NE Grand Ave Portland, OR 97232 ----Short walking distance from Convention Center
    MUST RSVP!!!!
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  2. peterthethinker


    I shal be there . Not in armor.

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