405th UNICOM – Saturday 3:00 UTC [Friday 10pm CST]

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    *This project is still a work in progress. Details and times will likely change. *

    405th UNICOM
    Arma 3 Operation: Trebuchet Halo Mod
    Frequency TBD, Friday 7pm CST
    Next Meeting TBD

    Prerequisites: 405th forum member for 90 days with post count of 50
    *Arma 3 is a military simulation and may not be appropriate for younger players

    To join, contact on 405th Forum:

    “Operation: TREBUCHET was the Unified Earth Government's military response to the numerous civilian uprisings in the Outer Colonies known as the Insurrection. Spanning over ten years and encompassing at least two star systems, Operation: TREBUCHET involved numerous Marine units and many vessels from the UNSC Navy. It is one of the largest and farthest reaching operations known to have been conducted by the UNSC in its long history.”
    -Halo Nation

    Hello fellow Halo fans! Have you always admired the ground forces of the UNSC? Have you ever wanted to fight with a unit of marines across the colonies? Do you crave the thrill of charging into combat with nothing more than a flak jacket, your trusty MA5, and your wits? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we want YOU for the 405th Unified Ground Command!

    UNICOM will use Arma 3 and the Operation: Trebuchet modification to provide a strategic, milsim, Halo experience for members of the 405th- all while maintaining the fun and friendly atmosphere you’ve come to expect from the 405th. There will be two types of game nights. First, a large scenario will be conducted on a monthly basis. This will not be mandatory, but the more players that turn out the better it will be! Second, small weekly training scenarios will teach players about specific equipment or Arma mechanics. These off-weeks may also contain small PvP skirmish games.

    Operation: Trebuchet is a modification for the PC game Arma 3. It brings the forces of the UNSC- such as the Marine Corps, the UNSC Army, and the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers- into the virtual combat environment of Arma 3. More information can be found on the Steam Community Workshop page here: Steam Workshop :: Operation: TREBUCHET

    No prior experience in Arma is required. We only ask that you come with patience and a willingness to learn. Training missions will be conducted to familiarize players with essential weapons, equipment, controls, and tactics.

    This project is still in its infancy. If you are an experienced (or aspiring) Arma player and want to get involved in getting UNICOM off the ground, please contact CrimsonViper97 on the 405th forums.

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    That looks very cool, Viper. I wish I could PC game just to try it. While I'm not familiar with this mod, I am aware of Arma which is considered the most realistic military FPS game. I still think that Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is the best military game available for a console, made by the same guys. Creative differences spilt the company and it seems the best ones went onto make Arma for PC. Too bad for Xbox though. :(

    I like that they are doing skin mods now. I hope you find some people interested in trying this out. You might try posting a message on our discord page or the 405th's Facebook too.
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    Thanks PerniciousDuke! I knew it was a longshot; this is a community based around an Xbox game after all :p I'll throw some pics up tonight of the stuff I've been working on so people can at least see it :D
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    Oooh yes please, my PC broke down long ago but this sounds really freakin cool and I'd love to see some pictures.

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