405th Unity project auction ended (for Childs Play charity)

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The Helmet sold for a grand total of $897 ! Can't wait to do this all again in Feb. - Thanks to all who were a park of this!

Hello all!

As some of you may know , I got a group of people to work on what we call the "405th Unity Helmet" where all the proceeds from the helmet would go to Childs Play Charity . The auction is now live and you can go on over and check it out!


Here is a link to the build thread -


Here is the item description -

This life size helmet is being auctioned to benefit the charity of Child's Play, the helmet was created by a group of awesome members calling this "Project Unity" from the 405th.com.(Jacob Betts, Deanna Yates, Johnathon Purpera) It was hand crafted to scale of the leader of the Spartans II's John S-117, comes with custom art work, not recommended to be worn, weathered paint scheme, and the child's play logo. The helmet is signed by halo voice actors Steve "Master Chief" Downes, Jen "Cortana" Taylor, Pete "Captain Keyes" Stacker, Tim "343 Guilty Spark" Dadabo, and Marty O'Donnell. The base stand was designed, and created, and hand painted by Sean Bradley of the 405th.com and donated by Laird MacLean to give this piece some extra coolness. The base stand was taken to 343 Industries in Seattle where it spent a few weeks being signed by the developers for this auction.

Thanks to all of the 2011 Unity Project team members who made this possible! The 2012 Unity Project is now in the works!

- Jacob Betts (JBetts97)

UPDATE 12/16/11 , 10:29 am :

The helmet is up to $610 right now!
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