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Lieutenant Jaku

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Hey all, It has come to my attention that I have now been a part of this wonderful community for 5 YEARS. Which is freaking awesome, you all are great. Given that it's been 5 years I thought I would say something about the community and how thankful I am for you all. This will be a bit of a ramble just warning you all. The people in this community are probably some of my favorite people around and are definitely the reason I stuck with cosplay. You guys have helped me go from bad freehand costumes cutting foam with scissors (the thought scares me today :notworthy:) to where I am today. I've gotten help on quick questions about knife sharpening, weird questions like how to remove cat piss smell from a helmet (anyone remember that?), and questions about life that have been quite useful. I'm thankful for the community having my back while I went through rough patches and struggled with my mental health and having my back as I figured out my gender. The awesome times in game nights, voice chats, goofing around at conventions, and building props together have been some of the most fun I've had. You all are really like a whole virtual family. I feel like I probably should be saying all these things in a more thought out way but I'm quickly forgetting what I want to say. Anyways, I look forward to more fun times, more foolishness, and more creativity. Hopefully I'll still be around the community in another 5 years and having just as much fun.

Have a good rest of your day y'all!
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