501st Udvar Hazy Air and Space Museum

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Hey guys, I just trooped with my local garrison in my Clone Trooper Commander Deviss armor and wanted to show you guys some select pics.

We in the 501st are serious about trooping, but! We also know how to have fun!

Here's the serious pic.

And then the fun pics! (Yes I forgot to bring my belt...just ignore that :p)

Remember, Always keep your bucket (Helmet) on! It shows that we are proffesionals ;)

Anyways, take a look at those pics...laugh a little, see that the 501st is a fun STAR wars prop group that loves costumes just as much as you guys love Halo, and comment back. Please...no negative comments!


- Fitz
thefreeman said:
nice yoda.

all your jedi use MR? or did they make them?

Most of the jedi use sabers from ParkSabers....I think..

If anyone's using a Master Replicas saber it would be the vaders/anakins/obi-wans..etc..etc (can't use an anakin saber with a white tunic jedi for instance...)
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