90 Day Challenge: Body Beast

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Hello guys/gals of the 405th! Have you heard of Body Beast? Maybe you know of someone who's done it? If you are like me and would rather lift weights than do cardio.

Body Beast is one of the newest programs from Beachbody; it was released a few years ago. Sagi Kalev is the creator of this 90 day program designed to build muscle and burn fat! There is a "Huge" version and a "Lean" version. I have seen men/women do both and have had amazing results!!! I've done a few of the workouts with my friend and it's right up my alley!

I have done one round of P90X. I also believe this is going to be exactly what I need to burn off that extra fat!

Anyway, I will be starting this program soon and would LOVE to if any of you guys/gals are doing a 90 Day Challenge. If so join me here on this post and add your before/after pictures. So, you up for the challenge? Let's do this and burn that fat for summer!

I will be starting Monday...well tomorrow. 01/20/2014.

Here is a video I found on Body Beast
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Best of luck with the program! I've done Insanity several days, but have a weak left knee. A lot of the high interval training workouts don't mix well with it. Strangely running doesn't seem to bother it too much. Props on staying in shape.


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well for me to get in shape I just do the training work out the Spartans did a hundred of everything I can think of then a four mile run for three weeks. it hurts the first week but man does it feel good doing it.
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