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A 14 Year Old's Reach Foam Build

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by 12382, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. 12382

    12382 Member

    EDIT: Go to page 9 for the "finished armor!"

    Ok, now Ive been wanting to do this for quite some time now, a halo reach foam build! Now Once I started this method, I was already astounded how 2 minutes with foam, hot glue, and an exacto knife could equal an hour of pep work! (detail wise).
    I plan on making a suit that resembles my Halo reach in-game armor but since theres no CQC helmet pep file yet(sigh), i decided to go with an ODST hemet.

    Now for the pictures, plus a video!

    I added foam neck detailing that was inspired by Nick Nack Patty wack's build. Im really glad about the results!

    Helpful tips and criticism are welcome!
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  2. Toacrabman

    Toacrabman Well-Known Member

    I think there is a CQB pep as I have seen 2 built so far.
  3. 12382

    12382 Member

    lol just noticed that mistake i meant the CQC helmet XP fixed it now, thanks for commenting on that!
  4. Sil3nt d3cay

    Sil3nt d3cay Jr Member

    nice build so far, the one nice thing is that you can sand the foam to get rid of the excess hot glue.liquid latex or plasti-dip spray can be used as a sealer that hardens without losing the flexibility and its also alot easier to paint.
  5. 12382

    12382 Member

    update time!
    so i worked on a knife and sheath but the knife seemed too long for my size in my opinion, even when its scaled down. plus i made it out of foam and cardboard. it turned out pretty good.
    the bad part about using foam for the knife, is that it has only 1 good side unless you cut the other side flawlessly, which i couldn't do.
    [​IMG][​IMG]so now i plan on making another one out of wood. the gallon paint mixer things that they give away at lowes works perfectly with the size of the knife but its a bit thinner so im going to have to remake the sheath.
    helpful tips and criticism are welcome
  6. The Red Baron

    The Red Baron New Member

    Actually, there is a CQC helmet file, Nintendude unfolded it, look on his forum.
    Great work by the way, keep it up.
  7. I think Nintendude took down that with all his other files...
  8. Toacrabman

    Toacrabman Well-Known Member

    The EVA foam can be sanded with some rough sandpaper.

    DETHANIEL Member

    all i have to say, is that you have some really good work going for you right there and i cannot wait to see more. and try putting a piece of foam right there for the stomach plate so there isnt a big hole. always looks better :)
  10. LCBeagle

    LCBeagle Jr Member

    It's good to know that there are people on the 405th that are'nt 18 years old.
  11. Boba Fett

    Boba Fett Well-Known Member

    dude, that is FANTASTIC work! You just put a bunch of older members to shame! (myself included. :p) My only comment is that there are a few gaps the need filling. But aside from that.... wow, just great work there. Can't wait to see you do the rest! I'm hoping it'll be equally epic!
  12. 12382

    12382 Member

    Just a little update, the knife is turning out pretty good, but the dremel is starting to wear out D: gunna have to buy a new cutter.
    ok, now im not sure if i should use the foam as a hand gaurd or make a wooden one.
  13. 12382

    12382 Member

    OK, i finished carving the blade, and here's how it looks, any other details i'm missing?

    OK, now i wasn't able to post this earlier, but here's me wearing the torso. Do you guys think i sized it right?
    helpful tips and criticism are welcome!
  14. thorn696


    Looking great. I'd say you have the scale down pat.
  15. Dizzerak

    Dizzerak Member

    It looks right. Might be a bit snug depending on what you use for the undersuit though. That chest is amazing as well. A bit of sanding and it'll look epic with a decent paint job. Well done.
  16. vshore100


    your build looks really nice. And yes, the scale looks really good to me also.:)
  17. Iron Panda

    Iron Panda New Member

    its looking great man, good job! The scale looks perfect to me, I hate when things look too bulky
  18. TheBradinator

    TheBradinator Member

  19. FrozenKoi

    FrozenKoi New Member

    Ha that's funny about the paint mixer thing, I work at Lowe's and was legitimately thinking the EXACT same thing this morning. It would be the perfect size for the knife!
  20. 12382

    12382 Member

    Awsome! thanks!

    i thought back when we were painting the basement and how me and my sister would use them as swords :p
  21. J326


    Looks good. good work on carving the knife!
  22. 12382

    12382 Member

    starting on the bicep now and will finish it tomorrow (morning perhaps?) Any one have any tips on making a cardboard build, like how to make thin even strips for my new sheath? Because a marker line isn't gonna cut it :p

    Also, does anyone have any suggestions on which gun i should make? I know im going to make the pistol, but should i make a DMR? or an AR? both are going to be made of cardboard, and attached by magnets. I still need to buy rare earth magnets but i have the magnets for the pistol ready to go ( just gotta make the pistol and the thigh XP)

    The magnets for anyone wanting to know are those little purse magnets that have the indent in the middle to lock it in place. that way, since magnets have a force that is mainly in one direction, the indent will keep it from being slid off, and only allowing it to be pulled off.

    Helpful tips and criticism are welcome!
  23. 12382

    12382 Member

    sorry bout the double post, but i think its update worthy..
    so in the past days, i havnt been really working on the shoulder. I scaled it wayy wrong and its jacked up how i put together the design :p
    BUT i did work on other pieces.
    I did redo some parts to hold the pistol thats going to be made. so instead of detail, i added a magnet thats about the same size.
    heres a crappy representation of a gun (glock :p) with a magnet hot glued on.
    although it holds on pretty good....ish.... im planning to replace the magnet on the pistol with a magnet with an indent on it to fit in the hole. so it stays in place and doesnt slide off unless pulled off. plus theres too much room in between them...
    heres a pic of my chest with an old Odst helmet i made to see what it would look like in real life. I think im sticking with the CQC helmet though. but, im going to try to build the hemlet last..
  24. SilentCartographer

    SilentCartographer New Member

    And your only 14? Geez, talk about natural talent. This looks amazing! I have a kid brother about your age and the most creative him and his friends get is legos. keep it up! can't wait to see the final product!
  25. 12382

    12382 Member

    well, lego is how i started XD then i saw the Lego halo suit on YouTube, and i tried to build that. i failed as i only had bionicle pieces XD. so i looked up how to make one on instructables.com and i found Indy mogul which led me to here. maybe if you show your brother that, he would get inspired like me XD

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