A couple more questions.


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I had bondo'd my helmet from the top mostly, and I'm going to finish the bondo job tomorrow, and resume sanding also tomorrow.


1. When should I cut out the holes for the vents (black PVC piping), before bondo, or after?
2. After I sand, I can just paint, I do not need any base coat of something for the paint to stick, correct? (It's default Bondo)

Update Pic (sorry for quality, it's a phone): http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b297/Bli...-10-07_2044.jpg

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Yes, I plan to.

I was going to lay a layer of black paint, next do the main Hosta Leaf Paint, and continue to use hammered silver for the weathering.

Hosta Leaf
Hammered Silver

Those layers.