a dream of fallout

Cedva Ko

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(Didn't know where to put this so I put it here as it seems to be best guess)

i have a dream. A dream of a new amusement park as big as or larger than any universal studios or Disney park. A park than gives you the choice to be raider, vault dweller institute and more.

i speak of course of a Fallout based amusement park. When you buy the tickets, you get a choice of faction and the ticket will be designed accordingly ( vault dweller will be blue and yellow and look like plastic, raider will be rusty and look like metal.) with your package you get a base layer outfit such as raider leathers or vault suit. You also nerf a 10mm nerd gun, goggles (for safety), a small amount of caps and a bottle of water. When you go in you fight other park guests and go on rides, each person you 'kill gives you a few caps and vice versa. You can exchange these caps for prizes (like tickets at an arcade). You can also find armor and weapons within the park or buy them with prewar currency (standard cash) the found ones must be returned but the bought ones are yours to keep.

Who would go and what faction are you.


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There is a Fallout RP event that's based in south/middle Georgia over the course of a weekend. I had intended to go, but work and school said no.
Similar concept though a bit smaller scale.

Cedva Ko

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I'm actually wanting large scale. Lamps don't really work for me as they involve imagining the area is what it's supposed to be even when it's not.


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Who knows, there could have been something like it. We only saw three worlds. A bunch of androids would fix any cheating and you could use real guns and stuff. As long as no ''problems'' popped up. Fun to think about.

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Count me in! That idea sounds pretty great! I went to a similar style place once in Pigeonforge called "The Titanic." Everyone was given a ticket that indicated whether you were from the rich, mid-class, or poor. You then were told whether you lived or not at the end! It was a pretty neat experience!