A little bit of info on the Halo Combat Knife


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Here is a bit of info i found while scrounging around on wikipedia hopes this helps on the sizing, as this is the same size as the one put on the legendary plaque.

The Combat Knife (UNSC CQCWS) is a United Nations Space Command infantry-sized knife.

The multi-purpose combat knife has a 20 centimeter (8 inches) blade made of high carbon steel coated for corrosion resistance and is 43.3 centimeters (1 foot, 5 inches) sheathed.

Combat knives tend to run 8 to 10 inches in blade lenght. Longer blades tend to loose effectiveness in close actions also are somewhat harder to bring into action, have limited carrying options (usually carried only on the belt) and weigh more.
Do you want to carry more blade steel or more ammo? :)