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One side of my helmet is ok, the other where the top of the helmet curves down to the side does not curve, it actually bows out and makes the helmet look a little crooked. I didnt notice it untill last night...Is there a way to fix it, as in sanding it out and refiberglassing it? Or do I need to chalk it up to lessons learned and start another one?

Some super serious bondo work will fix that, or if you can remove the glass and get back to the cardstock, reinforce the cardstock with cardboard and then re resin and reglass that small area, otherwise...restart.
I agree with daystar, without a visual representation, its hard to make a recommendation as to what your next course of action should be.... thats sentence sounds weird... oh well you get my point.
Ok its on the top of the pic. If i grind that down to where it needs to be then re-glass it would it work? Most that bondo is unsanded tho since i found that out...was too mad to continue the process lol. Least i can get some detail with the stuff i have as i sand most of it off if i can fix the major issue i have right now.....here it is

Ill get more pics when i get home. but that bump pulls the visor off a little too....
hmm..... id sand that down to see if it looks right, then go from there.... see if you can get it right by just sanding it.
That bump there is the fiberglass its, been sanded down to the glass because i though i somehow put a whole lot of bondo there.....found out wrong :(

Ill have to grind a big hole in the fiberglass and redo it and hope it works., anyone have experience with that? This is my first time working with fiberglass and bondo.
San down furthwe until you make a hole in the helmet, put apeice of cardstock into it, re resin/glass/bondo it.
The entire helmet needs to be sanded anyways, so try sanding everything to see if that helps, whenever you bondo the helmet you will need to sand it down to smoothen it, yours looks smooth, but not enough.
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