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Roodkill said:
Right! But see thats not the point Im trying to make,
its to use as much of the PEP as YOU want to then go ahead
when you're satisfied and add detail to whatever you want using
the oven bake clay and filling it with the Great Stuff. This is if
you're short of time primarly. I agree, take the time (if you have it)
The skull took 10mins to make and it was for this tutorial only.
Yeah, it shows.

Take your time. Cutting corners will only add time in the long run, and will make the piece look worse.
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ok I give in, you guys win. :D If for nothing else I suppose this
makes us ALL mutually agree that cutting corners won't work. My first pistol
looks like crap and I am humbled. Thank you guys for your imput and time.
kinda new here so thanks for letting me be around.
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