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So, the more and more i stay on this site the more and more i wanna learn propmaking but this raises a question, are there college courses for this or do i just go messing around in my backyard for a while?

If anyone knows I'd greatly link some input about this and maybe links to college's if so (Im in Maine if it helps).

My brother showed me the Joe Kubert drawing college in NJ, where i could get my pencil and paper skills down to do comic, drawigns and concept art.
I have been thinking too, Propmaking is really fun and you might get paid really well-that would be an awesome job!
What you want to do is find a college that has strong Fine Art and Industrial Design programs. Most Indstrial Design programs allow you to do internships with actual production studios as part of your course work. Those internships usually lead to full time jobs.

I went to school for fine art... but wished I had done industrial design instead. :$ops:
Being a Star Wars or Halo or any Sci-Fi prop maker would be awesome, even if it wasn't a miracle pay...
Check out FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising). There is that and then there are places like ODIS college as well. Im into media and graphics, so I only looked through the schools, I ended up with Art Institute of California. Im not really sure what they offer in the way of prop making though. Fashion schools are your best bet for costumes and props, because they do things for shows like Cirque de Sole and others. If it is mainly props, then a basic art school will do.
time to be skooled

theres no propmaking skools...take as many art classes as you can..take drawing, painting, human figure drawing and sculpturing...

i learned all my stuff by trial and error, get your hands on every information on the product at smooth-on and boat stores for fiberglass
at smooth-on i try most of there product out to see how things work, the more you know about the product the better it will come when the time id right to use it...

start out by grabing magzines that have something in building from wood working to fiberglass (just an exp.)
there is a video prop magzine out the that comes bi-monthly (i'll try to find it)
i get car audio magzines to get different techincs of fiberglass and wood working
i also get airbrush magzines b/c i do airbrushing

i pick at peoples minds when i visit the store ask questions and they will show you how to use itl, how it works and what will work best for your project

and how to get into the bussiness its hard (lots of compeitions) but its up to you need to market yourself get your name out there, you might be in the right place at the right time with some of your work or you might meet someone that needs something for a show or even a wedding, then they might send your name to someone else that needs a product. but most of the time you'll have to be grandfather in a propshop or you can make one but you'll have to market it once again

me i know people thats how i got my job...sometimes the job is fun but then it has its moments, you'll get someone that doesnt know like the product so you'll have to redo it but then you need to love what you do of not its not for you

a real prop shop would have
-design team
-sculpture team
-lab work (moulding) team
-anmatronics team (electronics)
-painting and finshing team

one person can do it but for a movie then need more due for time (actors needs the props)

i hope i shed some light here, but manily just take all art classes and stage carft class

good luck
For some home study, I'd recommend the following book:

"The Prop Builder's Molding & Casting Handbook" by Thurston James
ISBN 1-55870-128-1

It's a bit old (copyright 1989), but does cover, in may newbie style terms, how to make molds, do castings, and use various types of materials such as plastics and fiberglass.
Fan propmaking is complete trial-and-error. As Link said, there isn't any real prop making places...besides WETA, the gods of propmaking. Propmaking is all just a hobby for us. Don't be discouraged because I said that, but it's not a job (for most of us). And it's all learnt from your friends and by personal experience!
i self tought myself everything...i worked in alot of places that deals with different areas in prop building..like i worked in a car audio shop, i built custom cars, i worked in contruction just for a exp.
well i know for a fact that movies hire indivudual ppl or smalll bussines companys to make props for there movies..then they get paid well off of the movie plus iin the making of the movie they get whatever they need to make the props...
whatched too many star was behind the scenes...
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