A quick update to my last topic (about my bleeding..)

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We went to another doctor today and on June 17th at 6:00 AM I get a colonoscaphy(sp? not sure how the heck its spelled but basicly a camera on a probe examination of my colon.)..Woohoo..And I get to drink this thing that makes me loopy while they do this..won't that be fun??
Nah.... camera goes in the other end. :eek:

I can't believe I got suckered into posting in this topic... I can't resist a good setup. :p
Well then that's even worse! I'll rephrase it.

They drug you, then shove stuff into you? That dosn't sound fun...
Sounds.........Interesti?!-OMG THATS SICK! Do they have to? Cant you just take some pill's? Whats if your condition is serious.
lol, i just want the drug lol. at least you won't think of it like them shoving things into you. you'll get wild with your imagination... lol. sounds sick but interesting...
shadow8136 said:
uh... they shoving a camera in your ass or somethin, but stuck in ANYWHERE else, its still not cool
thanks for trying to be appropriate...
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SICK.... but .... interesting.
And by the way pills dont cure evrything you know..... well there's a pill that love that makes me go realy numb.
And theres a gell thingy that makes skin go numb, not good if you lick it tho.... you talk like you have a lisp. :p

hope you get well soon dude. :)
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