A very quick (maybe stupid question) about reach chest armor

Hey 405th

a real quick question, I have pep'ed out the collar / top part of the Halo reach chest armor and it's just ever so slightly to small to fit over my head :-/
i plan to split the front and back once it's complete but is the fact that the neck piece won't fit over my head an indication the whole thing will be too small once complete?????

Thankfully it's not a hard build but I'd rather not spend all evening finishing the armor only to find it's too small :-(

many thanks in advance for your help :)


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I had the same issue, what I do and a few others do as well is just remaking the collar out of foam. It's flexible and easy to do. I should have a few photos on my build thread if you want a picture. Link is in my signature.


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That's great miky, many thanks

did you split your armour or change the neck piece and slip it over your head?
Either would work, but personally, I'd split it. Having to wriggle around like a maniac to get in and out never appealed to me.


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A little from column A, a little from column B. Splitting is a bit of a necessity for ease of suiting up, and implementation of foam at the joints (neck, waist, arms) will make for a much more comfortable experience.