A "workable" assault rifle pepakura file (Ma5c)

ok im looking for a pepakura assault rifle file that dosent have 5000 folds. Thanks ahead of the time for the help.

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I think if your not gonna go with the standard one, odds are your going to have to use your immagination and come up with your own design since people generally don't make complex computer models unless they want maximum detail, but hopefully someone can find something you can use


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Take this and print it out on tag board several times. use it as a template to build up a cardboard version of the ar. the ad fiberglass and bondo to harden.


if you need a larger version or an adobe version shoot me a pm with your email.


i checked there but i couldnt find it and i even downloaded most of the files just to check if it was in it


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realistically for a shorter version you can print the picture above several times and layer it with cardboard, or for an even faster version you can buy one. For the pep version it is highly detailed so there will be alot of folds. Sorry.
I got the file but I'd like to have a couple words with the dude that saved the tex file as a .bmp instead of a .jpg as every other texture file I have. :mad: I can still use it but it's more annoying dealing with a texture that have almost no ability to be enlarged.