Abandoned/broken build? I may have an idea on how to save it.


A while ago, I tried to make an ODST build for Halo Outpost. It didn't work. I was winging it and it remains in my basement unfinished. Some pieces are usable, but no matter how hard I try, it will remain sub-par. After spending $200 on flex-spray alone, it has become too expensive to pursue completion, and too expensive to throw away. If this is a similar situation that any of your projects are in, I have an idea on how we could salvage these parts. I know that my ODST build isn't going to look good at all. So I'm going to double down on the current state of my armor and assemble an insurrectionist outfit!

My insurrectionist cosplay will be drab/dirty work jeans and a red button up shirt that's wrinkled and missing some buttons. I'll use random straps and clips on my usable armor pieces. This will look like I've stolen/salvaged UNSC ordinance, and used/repaired it for years. The fact that an insurrectionist will use whatever they can get their hands on means that the costume doesn't have to be uniform and pretty. You could have a Reach marine chest, a 3 ODST shoulder, and a 2 marine helmet. As long as the guerrilla warfare aspect is embraced and emphasized, we can use mismatched, broken, and unfinished armor builds to bring a new and unique cosplay to the community!
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