"Accidentally" on the space channel...

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Hey all, first time post in this site.

I've been lurking in this place for the past 2 months getting my gear together to build my first set of armour. Got everything set-up. Built two sets on a dare with a friend...for the FanExpo in Toronto. i spent about a week building em, he spent like 3 days spraying em...they didn't turn out like i had hoped (due to the fact we didn't have time to fiberglass + resin).

so we get to the expo...we couldn't take 5 steps without getting our pictures taken..apparently no one's ever done this before in Toronto (my partner in crime says in Ontario)...when a gentleman approaches us with a shoulder cam and asks us to do something for him....anything....so I challenge my partner to a "dance off". oh little did we know....

apparently he was working for the Space Channel. we are now on a segment that they repeatedly show called "The spartan dance off" (or something to that extent). Now i have not seen this, but ppl have been telling me all aboot it.

now I can't seem to find this clip anywhere. if someone can point me in the direction of it ...that'd be great.

looking forward to some replies ;)

~Sliver ;)
Hope something shows up. Sounds really funny, and a lot like the dancing guy in the NAS armor in the 2004 Dragon Con I believe it was.
essentially I did the "Ride the pony" or "jump on it" dance, he followed with spank the pony, there was some pelvic thrusting ...then he cabbage patched....and he lost.

we were both in Blue armour. I was standard issue blue, i won ;)

if anyone finds it...there could be much rejoicing ;)

That's cool.

Good publicity, gamers in a positive light, yatta!

For my own curiosity, did you run into anyone from/related to Pure Pwnage or the PPGA?
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