Active Camo MJOLNIR???

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I had a great idea about how to make invisible MJOLNIR armor. :hyper: You would need a vacuform table but otherwise its really simple.

1) Make all of the diferent pieces you need with the table. (Make sure the pieces are clear!!)
2) Take iridescent paint and paint the INSIDE part of the armor.
3) Use white or (if it even exists) a shiny iridescent colored cloth for inbetween the joints of the armor plating.
4) Enjoy and laugh at all your friends who have regular colored armor. :wee:
he is sayin it be clear but paint the inside with like a very light white so it looks clear all the way through but it is not really ;-)
I don't think iridesent means kinda white...I think it means shiny...

The paint would make it look like active camo...

But we would still be naked :shock: !
Iridescent means that the colour changes depending on the angle its viewed at, search for iridescent, ive been in this discussion before. You may mean pearlescent, like some shampoos are, or the surface of a pearl, in fact. Have you thought of the finish on the outside of the transparent armour when you paint on the inside? Unless you spray, and possibly even if you do, you are going to get a highly irregular finish, and it may lose iridescency if it is dependant upon which side it was exposed to air. A highly mirrored finish would possibly look most like active cammo, though that would be hard, or you could just paint the armour so that if you stood still at one place in one pose at one angle, it looked roughly like the background.. but outside of bond movies, that sort of active cammo is impossible atm. sry for being so loudmouthed, /backseatdriver, no idea how im already a petty officer considering i took a 3 week holiday after registering...
Its cool.

Thats some good info.

If I ever rant, I try to post it in sentences like these so it's easier to read.

I'm just saying that it's harder to read a whole big paragraph.

Not saying your ranting, but you seem to post in paragraphs, so I'm just trying to help.

I hope :eek .

sry about


im not taking the mickey, or piss, or whatever you say

in america

im just paranoid


thanks :)

btw, bungie just released another podcast, so check that out...
Mickey? Piss?

Umm ok...I'm not sure what that means, but I hope I didn't make you mad or somthing :$ops: ...

Oh cool! I'm gonna go listen to the podcast.
Taking the mickey is a british phrase, i think, derived from the cockney rhyming slang (if you dont know, look it up on wikipedia) phrase "Mickey Bliss" (as far as anyone knows, this wasnt a person) which is CRS for "Piss" as in urinate.

therefore, the phrase "to take the piss" as in, to mock, or for instance, having been given advice like spacing (now i need to retrofit spacing to my post) to use it unneccesarily when not doing a long post) is replaced with to take the (mickey bliss) shortened to mickey or mick, a more child-friendly version, cos this linguistic stuff isnt in common usage.

Theres a wikipedia article here: which offers an alternative explanation of the origin of the phrase, but a respectable phrase dictionary i have lists the mickey bliss version, which seems more likely given the complete obscurity of the verb, to micturate.

Apologies for this post; i feel heartily nerdy now. <dont forget nerd/geek pride day, 25 MAY!>
No.. thanks for the post! Seriously... it's all in the name of understanding each other. People tend to forget that the internet is world-wide... and take their regional perspectives with them...

I'm glad to know that.. from somebody who really knows.

The greatest problem in text-based internet communication is the amount of information we normally extrapolate from tone of voice and stance. Thats what leads to the vast majority of arguments - you say something, someone misenterprets it, they make a comment aimed at what they think is an offensive or incorrect statement, and the whole thing just goes down from there. Happens in texting on mobile phones (Condescending Clarification: Cellphones) and in online PC games too. Particularly, as you say, with cross-regional perspectives.
An example is, although I was ready to take ur suggestion onboard, my post (i'm idiosyncratic even by british standards) read to you as if i was mad.
I try and get clarification before flaming, and also try to express myself as clearly as possible taking into account the fact that i communicate about 20% less of the meaning of normal speech with tone of voice removed, hence my evident verbaciousness.
Again, my apologies.
I agree. I try not to start arguments and such things. I only suggested what I did because it would help me to read your posts better. That dosent mean you have to do what I said.

You don't need to apologize, I just didn't know what mickey meant, and therfore apologized if I made you mad. I'm not mad at all, so I think we are offically done then?

PS, you sound just like one of my friends.

Ok, back on topic!
Yeah, i was thinking we'd strayed from active-camouflage imitation fan-made MJOLNIR armour into linguistics, anthropology and communication psychology.

I think, until they have developed materials that direct light around them like a wing does air, which they can do a bit with radio waves (i think, i'd have to search, active camou MJOLNIR is going to have to stay in the theoretical.

Plus, even with the aforementioned technology, the shape of the MJOLNIR is probably not perfect, to say the least, for directing light around.

My apologies were for typing in a way that was hard to read, both in terms of organisation and clarity of intention, and going offtopic, all of which were, i think, justified.
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