Actually keeping the armor on your body.

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how do you guys make the armor actually fit and stay on your body? does it slide off a lot?

what did you use on the inside to make it fit? sponges?

i was thinking of maybe strapping the crotch piece, the thighs and calves to the torso so they don't slide down, and put foam or sponge on the inside.
i get what you guys are getting at, sorry i wasn't clear on the question

the armor is really loose. should i stuff it with seat cushions? that was a great idea btw.
you can get htem at ikea for like $3 apiece
tserrof how big is your helmet cause i would probably like a fan or 2 so i'm wondering how many more inches to add so the fans can fit. you know like on the side and back how big should i make it when i'm 5'7 i'm tall for my age but yea i'm wondering.

plz and ty for telling me.
well im really concerned about the powering of devices sspread trough the armor. maybe some connection wires can be sewed to the underarmor to keep them hidden and have connectors everywhere power is needed. anyone has done something similar? like to have lights wherever master chief has them?
yea and im woundering how big the fans are so i can find a way and scale my helmet to fit my head and the fans and wouldnt the fans get tangled in your hair if there above your head or what??
that would suck if it caught my hair
im thinking of putting a thin layer of cloth or something over it so my hair doesnt catch
i want my armor to fit snugly around me, so it doesnt shake around. the foam pad thing was the best idea... maybe i'll attach it with velcro or just glue...
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