Adam New Errors Report Here(i have 1)

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Ok Adam thank you for the new website i love it it is awesome and now i can even add youtubes list the bugs you guys find here.

go to your inbox

and look and the message percentage bar

mine says

230% full out of 100%

ok wtf... look at my new sig byw :lol: thanks for looking and once again adam very nicely done btw what is the paid subsciption for

and i just checked at the bottom it said 115 messages stored out of 50 storable messages and i have like 5 messages
i got a problem :cautious:

okay i couldnt remember my pass so i do forget password and i got my new one

i type in my screen name and i literally copy and paste it in and i typed it letter by letter just to be sure
i tried to log in doing both of these probably 5-10 times
and it says my pass or screen name is wrong someone help me?
i was having that 200% out of 100% thing too. he prolly just needs more space to put the stuff cuz im positive this site takes up more than the original one.
Everybody should clean up stuff that they don't need anyway.. it's taking up alot of space...

I had to delete more than 3/4 of my messages, but it was all stuff I didn't need anyway.
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