Adam294s MJOLNIR armor(still in progress)

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Ok so I'm working on a some armor. I will be making it all out of cardboard. All I have so far is the Upper and Lower Arms, the Gloves and the Belt. I've started on a helmet but it isn't turning out very well. I have also made weapons: The MA5C Assault Rifle, The BR55HB SR Battle Rifle, and the M6G Pistol. The Battle Rifle and Pistol still need a bit of work though.

Here's the Assault Rifle so far. I think its ready to be finished.

And it even has a lighting up display. Yes, I know that it should be 32 or something like that but i messed up when I made it. I'll fix it.

Well thats it for now. Oh I forgot to mension that I have to have this done by Friday evnening for a Halloween party...(I found this out on Sunday!)
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