Air Brush kits for beginners.

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    I want step up my painting game when it comes to my costumes. So I have been considering getting an airbrush kit. I think it would help immensely in giving the paint jobs some depth and detail. Other than doing a google search on recommended products, I wanted to get some of the experienced members opinions and recommendations of what's out there.
    Any info you guys can offer would be much appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.
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    There's these super basic ones that go on sale all the time at Canadian Tire. I got mine for $80 around Christmas when the different super sales start, you can probably find a similar one on Amazon for $120 but then it doesn't have the Mastercraft lifetime replacement policy.

    The compressor is "good" but lacks a few bells and whistles of others but is awesome for learning the basics of airbrushing techniques. The included siphon feed cups work fairly well but if you don't thin your paints properly it'll gum up fairly quickly and you'll learn how to field strip, clean and troubleshoot an airbrush which is also important. The Mastercraft airbrushes are extremely basic and replacement parts are on the order of a couple bucks and a whole second brush is usually $15 so you can quickly build up a small collection to make colour changes quick.

    My first upgrade was to keep the compressor and move to an Iwata Neo brush (gravity fed, more precise and durable build) using a 60% off coupon at Michael's. There's a bunch of different brands of airbrush, some with different trigger mechanisms so I'd suggest if you have a local hobby store get a couple to play around with and see what feels right in your hand.
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    Thanks TurboCharizard.
    Hmmmm.... I may have to wait till there is a sale to that...
    What do you think of those mini poratble kits? Are they worth it?

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