Airsoft AEG to Battle Rifle

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Sigma LS

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I know I really should be trying to finish my pistol conversion kit but I saw this and couldn't pass it up for $60. I know I cant make a perfect BR out of it but with some cutting and basic part fabrication it should be close

I plant to incorporate the mag and the battery into the grip that I'm building, then make a new butt with a fake mag for show


first step of cutting
thats nice...
but your better off with the FAMAS cause it already has a rear magazine and comes wit identical scope and structure.
all you would need to do is sand down some stuff.
but i hope this works out.
would like to see how it comes out
Thats gonna need some complex juggling of mechanic bits unless the trigger is purely electrical. It would be easier to start with a famas
If you used the Steyr, you could totally chop off the triggerguard and save it for an airsoft Halo pistol conversion! provided u used the one which has a massive triggerguard...
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