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Since Dicks sporting place is a store that I can go buy manually from, and I dont have hundreads to throw around, I was wondering if this gun was any good:

Its a pistol for easy holding
Weighted for realism
Decent clip
Velocity is high enough to hurt, but not bleed.

Is this a good gun?
Or is there a better one out there? It doesn't have to be a pistol.


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Spring guns are usually accurate and more powerful (sometimes)

But remember, even if you can hold say 20 bb's, you need to pull the spring back to cock the next bb for firing. It can be a pain, a pistol is for close combat, and you want it speedy, not slow.

So really it depends on what you will be using it for, otherwise, if you just want backyard fun, go get a well m4 from amazon for like 28 dollars.


Just background fun. Im not talking about killing brutes with it. Im talking about shooting random things, and scaring people by shooting right in front of them...well maybe not the latter one since the cops will come. But its still fun to think about.

Your thing about the spring gun made me think. Can anyone list the positives and negatives of using gas, electric, and spring guns?

Postitive-Stonger, more accurate

So on...


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Gas: powerful, accurate, but will run out of c02 and cost money to buy more

Electric: Fast, powerful (for expensives ones, otherwise, most just hurt, but give light bruises), cost a few cents on your electric bill to recharge.

Spring: Slow pulling spring back on some guns, very powerful, accurate, has good range.

If you want something to just shoot around with, I'd get a well m4, you will get bored of a pistol very fast, especially a pistol that costed 30 dollars, I bought one for 10 dollars and it works good for around 20-40 feet. It wont shoot through pop cans, but it leaves big dents.

If you want fun in the yard, get this.

Most people rate it 3-5 stars, most 4 stars, it is a beginner gun, accurate, but not as good as a CS or TM brand guns.
Gas guns are cheap once you get the $30 propane adaptor. It lets you screw an airsoft-able nozzle on $2 propane tanks you can get from Wal-Mart. I wouldn't have gotten more gas guns without this. ("Green Gas", what you use for airsoft, is about $16 a can and is propane and if you use propane, buy a little bit of lube to use with it.)

And don't get a WELL....anything. They suck.

And SINCE you made the VERY ****ing careful about where you play. Serious airsofters are sick of kids playing in the public and getting shot and getting the sport ruined for them...


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It all depends on what you're getting.

Spring snipers can be the best.

AEGs can be the best.

Gas pistols can be the best.

But if you're going to be playing with backyard friends. Spring pistols are def. fun and cheap.

But I can't tell you which spring guns are good, as long as its not CYMA or neonfire than you should be good.


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Gas over all may be considered the best just because of the force it exerts on the bb's...because it's gas!

Electric may also be good, but it's power and accuracy will depend on the brand, if you get something cheap, it isnt going to be good for real airsoft games, but if you buy a classic army or tokyo M brand, those will do PERFECT on field.

Then spring, if your a sniper, or dont want a gas/electric gun, this is the gun for you, just pull the spring/lever back each shot to fire the next one. They are powerful, but thats because you manually pull the spring back.
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