Airsoft MA5B....

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Can't help you with your question, but let me be the first to say: that looks badass! Could do with some more detailing, but maybe that's just me. Still awesome though!
I believe it is a UTG Bolt-Action sniper rifle or a Tanaka variant considering the fact that it has a bolt. I would personally use a FAMAS and build around it, considering most of the work is done, as a STEYR AUG does not have a good handle grouping looking at the MA5Bl.
And yes, I realized that. But the project also seems sorta dead seeing as the last comment date is in '06.

So no, no more questions.
Hi there,

my suggestion would be Make yourself a Poli-Uretane MA5C and get yourself a FAMAS.
Just the plain version no adds no nothing. Though you want to get yourself some Hi-capa magazines.

Take apart the FAMAS (in other words strip it from its outer casing) and fit the pieces in the poli-urethane MA5C.

NOTE: Make the MA5c from 2 halfs like Adam did in his video (look it up in the video section).

Now with a pencil or something you draw out how you want the FAMAS pieces (the shooting mecanism and all) to fit into the MA5C. Use a dremmel to make the holes... and fit in the pieces.

This is how I am going to make mine and currently I find myself making the MA5C like Link 4044 ade his so I can cast a mould off it and use that mould to pour in plastic as Adam did and then to fit in the pieces like prescribed here, and then to go kick ass on the Airsoft field with my Halo armor (also currently in construction) and my Airsoft MA5C.

Best to use the Steyr Aug for a Battle Rifle seen the BR has been inspired by the Steyr.
TK thats a good idea, I personally hadn't thought of usng a famas for a MA5b.

But then again airsoft is illegal in Holland, damn u laws :mad: !! go anarchy :lol: lol jk.
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