Alberta Armor Party/get Together


With the nice weather fast approaching....sort of....(snowing here in Edmonton as i type this????)

Was going to put an idea out there to see how many Albertans would like to try and arrange an day or afternoon where we can get together, meet each other, discuss projects, show off our gear, pass around ideas...that kind of thing.

Here is the list for Alberta members here....i have regrouped them by city. This way if you just want to get together within your city then that can work too.

-Master_Chief_13 - Durmheller, Alberta.

-Eskimobob - Edmonton, Alberta.

-Aware. - Edmonton, Alberta.

-Hirgon - Edmonton, Alberta.

-Ghost147 - Edmonton, Alberta.

-jlhR2 - Edmonton, Alberta.

-Metalrasputian - Sherwood Park, Alberta.<-------Close enough to count for Edmonton

-ForgedReclaimer - RedDeer, Alberta.

-Ponestar - Red Deer, Alberta.

-Tabularo - Calgary, Alberta.

-paradoxj - Calgary, Alberta.

-Deathwasp - Calgary, Alberta.

-UNSC Mandalorian - Calgary, Alberta.

-kyrativ - Calgary, Alberta.

-Sidewalker4961 - Calgary, Alberta.

-EliteRouge - Spirit River, Alberta.

-Quiet N1nja - Spirit River, Alberta.

-Jedi_Spartan - Banff, Alberta.

-Major Pain - Cremona, Alberta.

-Spartan-113 - Strathmore, Alberta.

-bluelotus - Lethbridge, Alberta.

-Brandon McClain - Cold Lake, Alberta.

Let the ideas fly!!!

Brandon McClain

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I am currently in the states for school, but will be back home over the summer and could do a get together in Edmonton, its the closest to anyone else as I get, its only 3 hours. Anyone know of any cons in Edmonton over the summer?


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Edmonton Toy and Comic book show March 28th, and Animethon Aug 6-8 at Grant MacEwan.


P.S. I am up for a meeting, especially since I mentioned it first to Hirgon! :p

Jedi Ranger

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Whoa! A couple weeks late to this! I'd be up for something, but not too keen on a 5 hour drive one-way (Banff to Edmonton). Unless it will really be worth my/our while. Like a night of camping and then a group outing to West Ed mall or something.


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Lol, yeah... I didnt see this until right this second :D I wouldnt mind a meet up :) Although all i'd be bringing would be an Army Of Two mask :D


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Well I dont know about a troop outting to West Ed since I think there are only 3 of the 15 or so in Alberta that have costumes. But a camping thing might be okay. Also I know for the longer drivers this might be out, but a weekend (sat (or sat/sun) building party would be cool...

Meet, build, fiberglass, talk, etc.

Just my two cents.



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personally i think this is a good idea and i'v mentioned it a couple times but i think it should be held sometime in the summer months, gives people some time to get things together and alot of us are out of school at that point too so we'll be more open to times.

i'm not too partial to the idea of all meeting in one city, i think it's just too hard for some people to get there, i'm an example, i don't get my license until next january and have a hard time thinking that my parents will drive me up to edmonton for a get together of people that i'v met on the internet. i think we could try and get people grouped by city or region, as in people close to calgary or edmonton could try and get there, or we could try and get a bunch of smaller groups together.

just my ideas on the subject. i'll be watching this one.



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ya animation will be awesome a friend of mine wants to bring the Ripvan winkle gun I am making him lol. going to be at fragapolozza most of the time though....think there still on the same days?


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Hey guys, new to this particular site. I've been creeping for a while but just finally joined and am hoping to start tackling a few projects. I haven't made an official introductory post, so I feel a bit bad but I got excited when I saw this. It's been hard finding people interested in Props and Costuming locally so this is really cool to see.

I'm from Sylvan Lake and spend a lot of my free time in Edmonton, but I'd totally be interested in joining in on any future get togethers.

All the best,


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sorry to bump this insanely old thread, but i think i should be posted on that list.
Also, is anyone going to Animethon this year?
lol I'm on the executive committee for Athon... So I'll for sure be there. XD

I'm hoping to have my armor done by then so I can use Athon as a test trial for PAX later in the month. (ie test my endurance, any problems, etc)