Alice In Wonderland

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Why Is A Raven Like A Writing Desk? IDK really that could be what it was, I went to the Rave and watched it in 3D it was really good could have been better.


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6/10 all the way. I really didn't like this movie. Tim Burton wanted us to compare it to Avatar, fails hard in comparison. The 3D is inconsistent and distracting. All my favorite scenes from the trailer were changed or cut in such a way that they were ruined.

It is a children's film were heads literally will roll. Sheesh, what was he thinking


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Ya, I was optimistic about it at first, hoping that since Tim Burton was directing that it would capture more of the darkness in the book than the happiness in the disney cartoon. It seems like he tried to combine the two, which was destined to fail from the start. I agree about the 3D, it could have been alot better... but then again, sitting in the second row probably isn't the optimal vantage point for a 3D movie huh?
Its typical Tim Burton IMHO.

I took my older kids to see it, and I kind of wish I hadnt now.

He did the same mith Charlie and the chocolate factory, he took a kids movie/story and made it a bit too adult.


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I'm going hate this movie because its just like so goth and emo

And just by watching the trailer, the story it's going to be totally different.

All I can say is, I won't go and spend my money in that movie, instead I'm going to watch Cop out or Shutter Island.

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Alice wasn't meant as a "children's" book, as we know it. All the kid's books from the same time frame were a bit dark and twisted... that said... "No, Sir. I didn't like it one bit". Visually stunning, decent acting, but still not worth the time or effort to make 3D...

Now, "The Crazies" was awesome!
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