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Aliens M41a Pulse Rifle (AIRSOFT Gas blow-back) Build

Discussion in 'Non-Halo Costumes and Props' started by Hellraiserjz, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. Hellraiserjz

    Hellraiserjz New Member

    I've been a long-time fan of the Alien franchise, especially the original AVP pc games. So naturally, when I got into airsoft, I got the Snow Wolf AEG m41a Pulse rifle.

    Unfortunately, because its and electric gun, the grenade launcher part of it was only used to store the battery and was mostly just for looks. This gun was mostly a display gun and collected dust on my wall for many months. But with the promise of a gas version of a Thompson m1a1, and the existence of shell ejecting airsoft shotguns, the guns that were used to build the "real steel" version they used for the film, I had the vision to make this gun as realistically functional to the original they used for the films. That is, both the rifle and the grenade launcher can shoot.
    In order for me to do this, I had to actually look up a tutorial on how to make the firearm version of this gun. what I needed for this build was, as iv'e mentioned previously, a GBB (gas-blow-back) m1a1 Thompson by Cybergun and WE tech., and a gas Shell ejecting CAM870 shotgun by APS.
    So far as of this first post I only have the Thompson. All of these guns were very expensive, as you could imagine. But this project will be the biggest project I have done in a long time. I will post pictures as I got along. I hope you all enjoy the journey with me! :D
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  2. Hellraiserjz

    Hellraiserjz New Member

    This is going to be a very long post as I have gotten all this done in a single night after work.
    View attachment 252477
    Took apart the Pulse rifle for the first time, already saw some complications. Thankfully nothing too horrid.
    Firstly; the two halves were mostly held together with metal pins which I had to use a flat head screwdriver to pry them apart, which slightly damage the plastic if i wasn't too careful. Thankfully there was no serious damage, it just means that I shouldn't put this together and open it again too many times.
    View attachment 252479
    View attachment 252480
    the wiring made was wired through the metal stock, and there wasn't an easy way to remove the wires from the small tyama connectors without cutting them.
    View attachment 252485
    R.I.P. AEG Thompson.

    View attachment 252486
    This is the barrel of the gas Thompson with it's hop-up attached. The barrel is shorter than the pulse rifle's, which also has a built in sensor for the ammo counter at the front of the barrel.
    As seen here:
    View attachment 252492
    From the first image shown when I just took the Pulse rifle apart, you can see there's an aluminum shaft that connects the barrel to the AEG Thompson's receiver. This makes the Barrel for the gas Thompson incompatible and the hop-up nor the inner barrel wont fit without making an adapter for the two..
    Thankfully, I have a 3D printer and have some experience with Solidworks. >:D
    View attachment 252494
    After printing:
    View attachment 252496
    View attachment 252499
    Note: The screw isn't sunk in all the way because it used to have a plate that the wooden handle use to attach to:
    View attachment 252500
    I'll likely print out a shim that would fill that gap later, all i did was just made sure the screw was flush to the bottom of the receiver.

    View attachment 252501
    If you remember from the AEG Thomson, the plastic plates were held on by small metal nuts. The metric screws holding the nuts were screws from the inside of the upper receiver where they were countersunk flush to the surface. I couldn't have the he heads of the screws inside without them being the same else they would block the internals from cycling properly. So I just did this:
    View attachment 252503
    View attachment 252505
    As Glados has said: The best solution is usually the easiest one. :p

    View attachment 252506
    This is after fitting the gas Thompson in. I kept the original grip on it because the screws for both guns are different:
    View attachment 252508
    I'll drill the hole for the pulse rifle grip bigger later, yet I'm considering printing a new one instead.

    The shotgun part is the last part I have to work on. there is so far no way to fit the CAM870 yet in the current plastic cage without ruining it structurally. I will deal with that last.
    For right now, the first major part of this build is done. Just gotta make more $$$ to get the last gun which I may need to get some help with since it involves some major cutting and welding. I have welded before I just have no MIG welder on me, nor do I have the funds to buy my own.

    View attachment 252468

    View attachment 252469

    View attachment 252470

    View attachment 252471

    View attachment 252472

    View attachment 252473

    View attachment 252474

    View attachment 252475

    View attachment 252476

    View attachment 252478

    View attachment 252481

    View attachment 252482

    View attachment 252483

    View attachment 252484

    View attachment 252487

    View attachment 252488

    View attachment 252489

    View attachment 252490

    View attachment 252491

    View attachment 252493

    View attachment 252495

    View attachment 252497

    View attachment 252498

    View attachment 252502

    View attachment 252504

    View attachment 252507
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  3. Hellraiserjz

    Hellraiserjz New Member

    Sorry for the fact I haven't posted anything on this for a while. I did manage to get the CAM870 GBB during the hiatus and I've been trying to come up with some ideas on how to mount it in there without too much modification.
    I did, however, make something that I'll later be 3D printing out: (after some slicing of course :p )
    [​IMG] IMEKMA.png
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  4. XULUX11

    XULUX11 Member

    Damn this is beyond sweet, as far as airsoft guns go I won't use anything but a gas gun, they're soooooo much more satisfying to shoot... And of course the Aliens M14A is one of my favorite guns of all sci-fi, truly a legendary weapon of film history. Will most certainly be keeping an eye on this build, make sure you give us a video of the rifle in action once it's finished up!

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